Women in Leadership 2019 

As part of our ongoing research on gender equity in corporate leadership, Brandon Hall Group developed the 2019 Women in Leadership Survey.
We encourage both men and women to take the survey so we can capture a full range of perspectives on important issues related to efforts to advance women in leadership.



People Data and Analytics 2019

Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 People Data and Analytics Survey will explore how organizations use data for communication and influence, and how data can be combined in new and different ways to create a more holistic approach – using data to shape organizations' daily interactions rather than as a pure problem-solving tool.


Diversity and Inclusion 2019

Brandon Hall Group's Diversity and Inclusion Study focuses on how organizations are unifying D&I with talent processes such as talent acquisition and leadership development and how inclusion is impacting the overall culture and business practices.



Evidence-Based Decision-Making 2019 

This survey seeks to uncover how mindset and process play a role in creating a more analytical business culture. The data and insights from this research will help organizations achieve their people-analytics goal: creating a data and analytics cultural transformation, a structured evidence-based system and a culture that trusts the numbers.