Brandon Hall Group Research Published June 27-July 10

Over the past two weeks, Brandon Hall Group published 26 pieces of research –   4 new proprietary research reports, 17 award-winning technology reviews, 2 webinars, 1 solution provider profile, and 2 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

Learner-Centric Programs that Drive Revenue

Evolution of HCM Technology

High-Quality Outsourced Learning Content

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Here is an overview of research released June 27-July 10:

New Research Reports

Evolution of HCM Technology

Brandon Hall Group research highlights the role that Human Capital Management (HCM) technology has on impacting employee engagement at every stage of the
employee lifecycle and fostering organizational performance. This report looks at how HCM technology has evolved and what happens to organizational performance when HCM technology is used as a system of engagement that fosters communication, collaboration, and connection at each point of the employee life cycle.

Changing Your Organization’s Mindset on Talent Analytics

Workforce analytics technology has outstripped its users in terms of capabilities. Modern talent management solutions are well in front of what most users task them with. This research brief outlines barriers to successful analytics and an effective approach — Analyze, Align, Act — for successfully working with people data to impact the business.

The Key to High-Quality Outsourced Custom Learning Content

In Brandon Hall Group’s research on learning content outsourcing, 77% of organizations said they leverage at least some outsourcing for content development. Among those that do, the majority are outsourcing less than 20% and only 1.3% outsource all of it. This research brief explores the current learning content outsourcing landscape and identifies what’s driving organizations to outsource, as well as what they are outsourcing and the benefits they are realizing.

Is Your Learning Technology Holding You Back?

This eBook presents an illustrative look at how organizations perceive the usefulness and effectiveness of their learning technology and offers a process for effective selection of new learning technology that truly meets an organization’s needs.

Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Qualcomm’s Employee App Store

Qualcomm’s Learning and Development unit formed has helped transform the way learning and performance support is delivered at Qualcomm by creating and managing the Employee Pasture, now a strategic resource in the drive to foster an employee-driven culture of learning that supports performance improvement. The AppStore has proved to be a great success, with thousands of visitors each month, accessing a diverse range of apps that make working life easier and more productive.

Cognizant’s End-to-End Learning Gamification Framework

GamiLearn, by Cognizant, enables organizations to set up a completely gamified learning process to address targeted training requirements. It can be incorporated into the existing learning technology landscape or a parallel landscape can be created to run this individually and then integrated with the existing one, which means that the option is with the client organization to decide how much money to spend. The platform earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Efficient Content Management with Degreed for Business

Degreed is a single-portal solution for content and learning system organization, allowing learners and management to leverage all types of content – both formal training and informal learning resources – and track all of their development activities in one place.

Intrepid’s Easily Configurable Platform Transforms Sales Training

Intrepid’s platform is designed around the efficacy of short-form content, allowing learners to access and learn in-depth, complicated topics within the rhythm of their busy workday. The platform is easily configurable for everything from self-directed, to time-bound, cohort-driven modalities, or variations in between. Intrepid Learning advised and collaborated with Microsoft to design and execute an innovative corporate MOOC solution for sales training, delivered on the Intrepid platform.

Intel’s Product Simulations for Performance Support

With over 19 Intel Security Group (ISecG) products running on three different device platforms and five operating systems, it was often difficult for the more than 1,200 Intel technical support team members to visualize how the customer was using the product and how to resolve their challenges. Support team members are often unable to download, operate or prevented from having multiple devices at their workstations.
Often these constraints resulted in unsuccessful resolutions and a dissatisfied customer. This simulation lets the tech support agents interact with the McAfee Mobile Security product on their PC without having to install it on a smartphone.

NurseCompetency’s Exams Address Workforce Quality

Through its partnership with HealthStream, NurseCompetency offers the CoreKnowledge Exam Library, more than 125 validated and statistically reliable clinical and non-clinical tests for healthcare clinicians. This clinical testing solution eliminates the guesswork in workforce decisions and provides sound data that healthcare organizations need to identify and develop the right skills and talent in their organization for exceptional performance and patient care.

Simulated Heavy Vehicle Driving by OMSAN of Turkey

OMSAN Logistics of Turkey developed a new type of simulator to train heavy vehicle drivers in Turkey. Safe, economic driving and loading training with the Heavy Vehicle Simulator creates value for its customers by reducing damages to goods, diminishing traffic accidents, ensuring fuel savings, minimizing use of vehicles and equipment due to driving faults, load damages, and reducing carbon emissions.

Online Coaching Improves Technologists’ Expertise at Dell

Dell needed its technical account managers (TAMs) to be technologists and trusted advisors to their customers. The organization perceives 20% of the TAM team as technologists and trusted advisors and, by the end of FY18, wants 90% of the team as technologists and trusted advisors. Dell developed a global online coaching program across 49 countries and 162 locations. The program is virtual, accommodated local languages, is personal and targeted to the TAM’s job, and gives TAMs ability to practice in a setting they would encounter at their customer sites.

HappyWork@Baidu, a Social Learning and Gamification Platform

HappyWork@Baidu is a fully-configurable learning gamification design and delivery platform that aims to drive up learning participation and community knowledge building at Baidu, a Chinese technology company, through innovative use of convergent technologies. This includes social games and gamification, xAPI, Open Badges, LMS, community networking tools, and more.

Performance Management and Learning Built into Academy LMS

Academy LMS, by Growth Engineering Limited, added the Performance Centre as part of the platform. Performance Centre lets employees check their performance objectives and competencies with managers, get recognized for displaying the company’s values, prepare for one-to-ones, and put everything together as individual development plans.

Pinpointing Turnover Risk with Visier’s Workforce Analytics

Demands on HR have evolved. In addition to operational reporting, HR is expected to understand why events are taking place, identify and predict workforce trends, and take actions to prevent undesired outcomes. When it comes to managing voluntary turnover, the key is to accurately identify who is at risk of leaving with precision. For each customer, Visier’s patented in-memory multidimensional analytics technology looks back over 18 months, at all employees, and potentially hundreds of employee variables or attributes, as well as the groupings within each attribute, and determines how much each correlates to the employee resignations that have occurred during the 18-month period.

Enhanced Mobile EBooks Using KITABOO by Hurix Systems

KITABOO, by Hurix Systems, is a digital publishing platform for educational publishers, institutions and individual educators to enable mobile learning. The tool enables users to create mobile content from source PDF files. They can empower the content using audio, videos, images, web links and assessments to create rich interactive eBooks and distribute to students on their mobile devices. The reader apps enable instructor-facilitated discussions and collaborative problem solving, helping students assimilate and understand the subject matter better through the power of mobile learning.

Crowd Wisdom™: Innovative Learning Functionality for External Audience

Crowd Wisdom™ serves learning programs that are deployed to serve an external audience, including professional education, extended enterprise, and leading organizations selling learning as a business The Crowd Wisdom™ platform combines high customization (typically found in installed solutions) within a hosted Software-as-a-Service specifically-tailored for professional education and externally focused education. The platform earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Learning in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

QuizWiz, Cloud-Based Social Gamification by Tata

Social games can be used in training for applications such as onboarding, product training and personal development. Companies are also using social games to deliver their marketing messages and advertising to their customers and the wider public. QuizWiz, by Tata Interactive Systems, is a cloud-based social gamification solution that leverages these trends and allows corporations to set up and run trivia quiz-based social games for their intended audiences.

Onboarding Solution with a Strategic Focus by Chronus          

Chronus software for onboarding helps companies manage the entire onboarding process for new hires. Described as an “onboarding checklist on steroids” by Chronus customers, this software automates and facilitates all three phases of a complete onboarding process: pre-hire, foundation, strategic. The strategic focus manages the integration of employees into a company, connecting them with the right internal resources, trainers, documents, and general in-house knowledge to provide a complete learning environment in which new hires are plugged in and can reach productivity faster

Paychex Flex for SMBs

Paychex Flex delivers a unique combination of integrated technology and flexible service options for small- and medium-sized businesses. With one login, customers can access recruiting, onboarding, HRIS, payroll, health insurance management, benefits administration, time and attendance, payroll, retirement, reporting, and the general ledger all from one place.

HealthStream’s Compensation Planner

The HealthStream Compensation Planner (HCP) is a complete, cloud-based compensation management solution that goes beyond automation. Using HCP, healthcare organizations manage their annual compensation cycle to positively affect employees (performance, engagement, retention) without overwhelming HR or line managers with spreadsheets. The innovation is capturing the complexity of healthcare compensation models and regulations, including mandatory pay for performance programs, and working those into an easy-to-use product that drives desired talent outcomes.



Learner-Centric Programs that Drive Revenue and Power Sales Performance

For organizations with dedicated sales teams, training has often posed a serious challenge. How beneficial is it to pull sales people off the road or off the phone for days at a time and stick them in a class or a course? Sales professionals need timely, relevant learning experiences that enable their work, not interrupt it. Thankfully, a new wave of technology and a resurgence of learner-centric thinking is making that more possible. In this webinar, David Wentworth, Principal Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and Josh Squires, Chief Operating Officer EMEA with Docebo, examined the state of learning today and how we can use technology to create engaging experiences that can provide meaningful engagements for the salesforce.

Why HR Should Talk to IT, and How to Do it

HR is not becoming a more data-centric profession, it already is. But people data is still data, and the tools we use, the structure of information systems, and the policies and procedures governing proper data usage is relatively consistent regardless of type. Knowing how information is stored, processed, and secured within our organizations is necessary for modern HR professionals, and this webinar helps you understand how interacts with IT, and the best practices for people data governance. Presenters are Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst of Workforce Management at the Brandon Hall Group, and Bill Docherty, Vice President of Product Management at SumTotal, a Skillsoft company.

Solution Provider Profile


Compligo, the flagship workforce compliance management solution by Complí, unifies policies, training, and communications in one easy-to-use system for both employees and managers. Organizations use Compligo to consolidate their compliance initiatives to ensure they are protected from all sides.

Research-based Blogs

3 Takeaways from WorkForce Software’s Vision 2016

Workforce Management Principal Analyst Cliff Stevenson shares his key takeaways from WorkForce Software’s Vision 2016 in this blog. Click the link to read the blog.

HCMx Radio: Feeding Executives to the ‘Sharks’ Breeds Intrapreneurship at UL

Intrapreneurship is essential to drive innovation, but not enough organizations are establishing the right environment to encourage this type of behavior. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is an exception through its Executive Leadership Program, which embraces TV’s Shark Tank. To read the complete blog and listen to the HCMx radio show, please click here.

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