Excellence at Work Podcast Episode 274: Exploring the Impact of AI on Learning and Development with CYPHER Learning

Brandon Hall Group™ is excited to share key takeaways from an insightful conversation between John Kannapell, President of CYPHER Learning, and Graham Glass, CYPHER Learning CEO, as they delve into the impact of AI on the learning and development landscape.

In this engaging discussion with Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group™, John and Graham explore the growth and potential of GenAI in the industry, emphasizing the importance of partnerships and the value of AI in empowering learners and improving learning outcomes. They highlight how AI can save time, personalize learning experiences and address the challenges organizations face in training and upskilling their workforce.

The conversation also tackles concerns about AI replacing instructional designers and subject matter experts, with both John and Graham emphasizing the need for AI and human intelligence to work together. They view AI as a tool to enhance capabilities and provide additional advantages, rather than a replacement for human expertise.

John and Graham identify growth areas for GenAI, particularly in industries with distributed networks, such as franchises and partner models, where training is a core competency. They also shed light on CYPHER Learning’s reputation for its positive attitude, quick response time, and excellent support team, making it a reliable partner for organizations looking to integrate AI into their learning strategies.

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