HCMx Radio 107: The Changing Faces of Pay Equity

Guest: Kathleen K. Lundquist, Ph.D., a nationally recognized organizational psychologist who testifies frequently as an expert witness in employment discrimination class-action lawsuits for both defendants and plaintiffs. Dr.Lundquistis president and CEO of APTMetrics, an international firm which consults with Fortune® 100 employers on the design and implementation of HR processes. APTMetrics’ clients range from multinational corporations in the finance, pharmaceutical, aerospace, telecommunications and technology fields to government and nonprofit employers. Dr.Lundquist is a frequent presenter at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the American Bar Association and the American Employment Law Council. She also provided invited testimony to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Topics and questions include:

  • Why the focus on pay equity now?
  • How are the new laws different?
  • The steps necessary to group jobs for pay-equity comparisons
  • The factors which should be considered in explaining observed differences across groups
  • When will the pay gap shrink?
  • Diversity beyond gender.
  • The process for addressing and remedying observed disparities in their organizations.
  • Creating policies and practices that support a fair pay culture.
  • Helping employers defend themselves in litigation.
  • Skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions.
  • And more!

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