HCMx Radio 114: International Diversity & Inclusion at GSK and Beyond

Guest: Ee-Ke Chew, Lead, Organizational Development, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Based in Asia, Ee-Ke is currently the OD lead for GSK’s Consumer Healthcare business and a passionate coach. He is also deeply committed to the inclusion and diversity agenda and is supporting key I&D initiatives in GSK. He has diverse experiences, having spent time in different parts of an organization, from manufacturing, through supply chain and commercial. In his last role, he was the General Manager for Greater China in a FTSE 250 company. Ee-Ke was able to use his wealth of experiences, combining that with his expertise in OD, to ensure leadership programs are impactful and can deliver the desired outcome. In the Asia Leadership Program, he has taken elements of systemic thinking, group dynamics, coaching, and unconscious bias, to ensure that the program impacted both individuals on the program, their immediate work environments, and pushes the I&D agenda in GSK.


Topics and questions include:

  • Digital technology
  • Harnessing connectivity
  • Humanizing data
  • The ecosystem of D&I
  • Talent-management strategies
  • Maintaining momentum with engagement
  • Top-down and ground-up engagement
  • The Modern Employer initiative
  • True-self employees
  • Feel-good employees
  • The Keep-growing program
  • And more!

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