HCMx Radio 150: How Beliefs and Behaviors Impact our Success as Female Leaders

Guest: Christine Noffz, Founder, BenchStrength Coaching, LLC

As a co-founder of BenchStrength Coaching and leadership coach, Christine works with clients within Fortune 100 companies, universities, and organizations throughout the United States and internationally. Prior to starting her coaching business in 2015, Christine was a banking Vice President of Operations for 10-years, responsible for a team of more than 100 employees and Assistant Vice Presidents. During her tenure, she was a key strategic partner to senior executives and the Board of Directors.

Being a working parent and spouse for the majority of her career, Christine understands the additional pressures added to leaders who want to cultivate harmony between their work and personal lives. She partners with clients using a strengths based approach to build a strategic roadmap to implement their leadership style, understand how to build and cultivate key and complex working relationships, manage change in our VUCA world, inspire employee commitment through professional development, mentoring, and coaching, and to manage more effectively up, laterally and down.

BenchStrength Coaching is a boutique firm specializing in helping companies build a pipeline of diverse candidates, ensuring leaders are ready for greater levels of leadership. We have a diverse team of world-class coaches who have been successful executives in numerous industries. Our coaches are action oriented and results driven. With extensive experience in key leadership roles, they provide realistic and practical support for clients. Every coach holds professional certifications from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the Hudson Institute of Coaching, one of the premier coaching institutes in the world. BenchStrength Coaching, LLC supports Fortune 500 firms with their leadership development coaching needs in the following areas: Executive Coaching, BenchStrength Development, Group Coaching and Mentor-Coaching for Women.

Topics and questions include:

  • Insights from the book, How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen’s and Marshal Goldsmith
  • How our current beliefs and behaviors are helping or hindering our success
  • how to overcome derailing habits
  • Self-awareness – the power and pain points of looking inward
  • Habits and beliefs that are working for us or keeping us stuck
  • Our authentic self – “I’ve got to be me!?!”
  • How to be purposeful and intentional to disengage our autopilot
  • Soliciting “feedforward” for identifying successes and blind spots
  • Personal insights from Chris’ life and career
  • And more!

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