HCMx Radio 60: Risk-Taking to Supercharge Growth

Guest: Jodi Detjen, Founder and Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

In the latest edition of HCMx Radio, Jodi Detjen talks about the importance of gender balance in the workforce and her passion around helping companies achieve their greatest potential through improved engagement, creativity among diverse teams, and education to demystify the self-limiting biases associated with female and male roles in and out of the workplace.

Jodi is an accomplished organizational development consultant and educator. She is the founder and managing partner of Orange Grove Consulting, and clinical professor of management and academic MBA program director at Suffolk University in Boston. Jodi has been teaching for 15 years and has consulted and run workshops for clients that include Accenture, Microsoft Partners, Dimension Data and Oracle.

She is an established speaker and writer for organizations that include the Society of Women Engineers, American Banker, Lean In and Duke University. Jodi has designed women’s leadership training for Skillsoft and Linkage and is a co-author of the book, The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family, and Life.

We also talk about Risk-Taking to Supercharge Growth, a one-hour session that Jodi will lead at Brandon Hall Group’s Women in Leadership Summit on June 15 and 16 in Delray Beach, FL. The session will cover the challenges women struggle with in risk-taking, often preferring to keep themselves small rather than fail. They undercapitalize, under-resource, and avoid high-visibility projects or roles. When they fail, women often ruminate or over-attribute root causes, rather than learning from the failure and moving forward. There are often greater social penalties for women who fail, which reinforces the problem. This “stay safe” approach can limit an organization’s growth and potential.

In this session, participants learn the psychology behind risk-taking and how to embrace risk as the means for growth and development. They learn why we like our “comfort zone” and how to move beyond it. Participants practice removing barriers to risk, evaluating opportunities through a new lens, and how to maximize the benefits of failure.

Participants will achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Understand the reasons many women are risk averse and how that manifests itself in the workplace
  • Embrace the benefits of taking risks in the workplace
  • Develop strategies for getting out of comfort zone to take more risks
  • Evaluate opportunities more effectively
  • Learn how to manage failure

Brandon Hall Group’s 2-day event, A Way Forward: Women in Leadership, offers female corporate leaders a community experience designed to enhance skills and share ideas. The goal is to share best practices for creating inclusive environments with which to improve personal and organizational performance. Brandon Hall Group’s research has validated the need to offer targeted development opportunities for women to grow and achieve their potential personally and professionally, and to address the unique internal and external obstacles they face.

To listen to our interview, you can download the podcast anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group @RachelCCooke

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