Be Ready for the Unique Aspects of Customer Training

By Claude Werder, Vice President/Research Operations and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

When corporate learning professionals and analysts (like me) discuss training, we often speak of it as a single entity. But training comes in many forms: compliance training, sales training, onboarding, leadership training — and one of the fastest growing and most important categories, customer training.

Customer training is often lumped with extended enterprise training, which includes field-support teams, sales-channel partners, value-added resellers, manufacturers, distributors and franchisees. But customer training has unique elements that benefit from dedicated technology that fits the mission.

At Brandon Hall Group, we believe customer training and its enabling technology needs a brighter spotlight, so we partnered with Thought Industries for a complimentary webinar, Customer Training Requires the Right Technology Fit. Join Thought Industries CEO Barry Kelly and me at 1pm on Tuesday, Oct. 2, to understand how to get the most from your customer training.

About one-third of organizations believe they need to have daily  learning contact with customers, according to our research. In comparison, only one-quarter of companies target field customer-support teams for daily contact and one-fifth expect daily learning contact with the sales team.

Regular customer contact is important because the top business priority for organizations is improving the customer experience, another Brandon Hall Group study shows. And improving customer experience involves:

  • Building a stronger relationship after the sale.
  • Meeting the needs of the increasingly savvy and knowledgeable consumer.
  • And limiting the need for customers to solve problems through customer support.

A standard LMS cannot meet all of an organization’s needs around customer relationships. In the webinar, Barry Kelly will explain in detail the types of software that create a complete customer learning and customer success experience, including:

  • Training and behavior-change delivery
  • Customer lifecycle and success management
  • Customer communication

I hope you will join us Oct. 2 for Customer Training Requires the Right Technology Fit.

—Claude Werder, Vice President/Research Operations and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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