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Your organization is one of the best in assisting companies in leveraging technology and services.
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At Brandon Hall Group, we have a deep understanding of corporate buyers, as they have been our clients for the past 30 years, relying on our research and insights as their single source of truth for making decisions. We know how they evaluate and choose technology providers, and we believe your organization is one of the best in helping companies leverage technology and services. With our help, we will prove it to them by joining our Preferred Provider Program and gaining access to our world-class membership center filled with knowledge, resources, and advisory support to help your team with Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Human Resources, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Our exclusive research and resources include survey and benchmarking tools, solution provider briefings, presentations, industry perspectives, benchmark reports, eBooks, Excellence Awards case studies, research briefs, templates, executive interviews, and more.

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Our team of experts will provide you with advisory support and customized inquiries, helping you understand and incorporate the innovative practices of world-class organizations.


Enjoy benefits like unlimited entry and seats to the Member Center with access to TotalTech® and DataNow®, advisory time with our team of experts, and dedicated executive sponsor and analyst team support.

DataNow® is a powerful, real-time benchmarking tool that allows you to quickly and easily access and filter thousands of data points from the industry’s most comprehensive research and benchmarking database.

TotalTech®: We know how they evaluate and choose solution providers, and we believe your company is one of the best in helping organizations leverage solutions.

We make it easier for you

For 30 years, we have been delivering research-based solutions that empower excellence in organizations worldwide through our research and tools. That’s why, with these powerful tools, you’ll enjoy as a member access to:

  1. The industry’s most comprehensive research and benchmarking data and the ability to segment responses.
  2. Industry-leading technology database of HCM, generated from our comprehensive coverage of providers. We use the most stringent criteria in the industry.

Gain industry recognition

BHG will also review your organization, product/service messaging, website, collateral marketing material, social media strategy, go-to-market strategy, and sales training.


Achieve recognition as an industry leader by promoting your brand, products, services, and executives as featured guests on our industry-leading Excellence at Work podcast, speaking at your user conferences and analyst meetings, and communicating your messaging to our worldwide community.


 We will position you as a preferred provider with our corporate community and help you create a press release to send to our community and yours announcing your designation as a preferred provider.

  • BHG-certified recognition with logo
  • Analyst team attends your user conference and analyst meetings
  • Featured-provider designation in the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Member Center
  • Participation in the Excellence at Work Podcast
  • Analyst briefings and updates
  • Speaking at live events
  • Blogs
  • Press releases based on key milestones
  • 1:1 consultation with prospects

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