Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, Sept. 21-25, 2020

From webinars to publishing more global case studies than any human capital management research and advisory firm, Brandon Hall Group provides actionable insights on critical HCM topics every day.


Extended Enterprise Learning: Building Capability and Driving Performance Across Your Organizations Entire Value Chain

Many companies are focused on training the employees within the “four walls” of the organization but fail to see the opportunities in delivering training to remote workers, customers, resellers, partners and others. An extended learning strategy that empowers your external audiences with knowledge and information can deliver tangible, business-changing results and contribute to achieving your organization’s key strategic goals. This webinar discusses the market demands and trends for leveraging extended enterprise learning.

Developing Leaders in Uncertain times

Leadership development is consistently considered one of the most critical areas of learning and development for organizations, yet Brandon Hall Group’s latest research finds that fewer than half of companies believe their leadership development programs are effective. What does it take to lead through these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times? How are organizations pivoting to address leadership development remotely? What’s next? This webinar explores the principles of excellent leadership development in a remote work environment.

Brandon Hall Group Publishes 2020 Award-Winning Case Studies

Each year, global organizations that won Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards share their case studies through publication. This allows Brandon Hall Group members to benefit from their experiences and leading practices. We began publishing the 2020 award-winning case studies this week. Here is a list of the award-winning organizations whose case studies have been published so far, by category.

Learning & Development

  • Deloitte (USA)
  • Dell (USA)
  • DNV-GL Risk & Assurance (Norway)
  • Docebo (Canada)
  • DTCC Global Financial Services (USA)
  • ECCO (Denmark)
  • eClerx (India)
  • GAF Roofing (USA)
  • GM Mexico
  • Good e-Learning (UK)
  • GSK (UK)
  • Hanesbrands Inc. (USA)
  • HealthStream (USA)
  • HP Inc. (USA)
  • IBM (USA)
  • Kia Europe (Germany)
  • Mercer (USA)
  • nCino (USA)
  • Nexstar (USA)
  • Northwestern Mutual (USA)
  • OhioHealth (USA)
  • Panera Bread (USA)
  • Philip Morris International (Switzerland)
  • Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)
  • Saudi Telecom (Saudi Arabia)
  • SAIC Volkswagen (China)
  • ServiceNow (USA)
  • Softtek (Mexico)
  • Sydney Water (Australia)
  • Taipei Civil Servant Department (Taiwan)
  • Tata Consultancy Services (India)
  • Tata Power Company (India)
  • Victaulic (USA)

Talent Management

  • PayPal (USA) 
  • Robert Half Staffing Services (USA)
  • UBS Business Solutions (Switzerland)

Leadership Development

  • Dell (USA)
  • Fiat Chrysler (USA)
  • Johnson Controls (Ireland)
  • Pitney Bowes (USA)

Talent Acquisition

  • Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian (USA)
  • iCIMS (USA)
  • Inspur (China)
  • Foundation Medicine (USA

Upcoming Webinars

Wednesday, Sept. 30: Driving Individual and Organizational Resilience Through Self-Awareness

In this installment of Brandon Hall Group’s Diversity and Inclusion webinar series, we highlight the importance of resilience in navigating these unprecedented times and continuing to engage the workforce. Though most organizations have excelled in inclusive leadership behaviors during COVID-19, Brandon Hall Group research shows that the lowest-ranking leadership behavior is self-awareness, including knowing one’s own biases and triggers, and acting to minimize them. Join Elisa Vincent, VP of Global Talent Enablement at Skillsoft and Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Cooke and Claude Werder as they share research and lessons learned. Register here.

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Getting the Right Digital Blend to Accelerate Your Organization’s Leadership Capacities (and More!)

Organizations face a rapidly increasing need to develop higher-order human-centered capabilities and capacities, such as leadership and managerial abilities, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and creative and innovative aptitudes. Join Brandon Hall Group Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth and Erik Williams of MDA Leadership as they reveal a playbook of best practices for blended learning that will effectively take your organization into and through the uncertain present and future. Register here.

Thursday, Oct. 8: Learning: Your Secret Weapon to Skyrocketing Sales Performance

L&D programs can be a challenge for sales teams. Sales pros can’t spend much time attending classes or taking courses, but they must always be informed on the latest product news and sales tips. Rethinking learning technology with an eye on sales enablement can help organizations develop agile and highly effective sales teams. Join Brandon Hall Group Principal Analyst David Wentworth and Docebo Sales Enablement Manager Nick Thomas as they examine how learning tech can deliver experiences tailored to sales professionals, designed for performance. Register here.

Thursday, Oct. 15: Everything has Changed. Has Your Learning Strategy?

A decade’s worth of change has taken place in the past 6 months, radically changing how teams learn, train and collaborate — and the landscape will continue to shift in the year to come. As you plan your learning and enablement solutions for 2021, what are the major new challenges you need to account for? And how will you ensure you have the right tools in place to achieve success? Join Brandon Hall Group Principal Analyst David Wentworth and Allego Product Marketing Manager Jake Miller, Sr. as they discuss how and why approaches that may have worked before won’t work now and look at examples of companies that successfully made the transition. Register here.

Brandon Hall Group Featured on Training website: Technology as a Driver of Career Development By Claude Werder, Brandon Hall Group
As stay-at-home orders are eased and lifted, organizations must continue to leverage their learning technology to provide employees with compelling blended learning experiences in the flow of work that link directly to competency and skill development and career growth.

Research Surveys

Research in the Field

  • HCM’s Role in Recovering from COVID-19. Take the survey here.
  • 2020 Performance Management Study: Take the survey here.

2020 Diversity & Inclusion Study, Part 2: Take the survey here.

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