Changing the Learning Paradigm to Serve the Future Workforce

Now is the time for the Learning & Development function to shine. L&D has the power to ensure the success of the future workforce by providing powerful learning experiences to upskill, reskill and drive business results.

But to realize the potential, L&D must change — quickly. Transforming from live ILT to digital and online learning was a long, slow climb greatly accelerated by the need to go virtual during COVID-19. The corporate evolution must continue at a much faster pace. 

But how? 

You’ll get perspective and guidance on Nov. 2 when thought leaders at Hemsley Fraser join Brandon Hall Group for a webinar on changing the learning paradigm. The high-level solution is that L&D must deliver content that resonates with learners in the context of their role, potential future role and aspirations. In other words, learners need to be clear about how the learning benefits them.

Every consumer — and that is what learners are — wants to know how they will benefit. Where would restaurants be, for example, if they only offered a few dishes, all prepared one way? Out of business.

But that is exactly what some L&D functions have done; deliver learning designed to benefit the business, not focused on how learners learn and what they want. 

L&D must focus on developing the potential and agility of learners to meet new challenges — and do it in ways that engage. Many organizations have made a good start but just need to finish the job.

Join me and Hemsley Fraser on Tuesday, Nov. 2. We’ll explore:

  • How L&D can gain visibility of current and future skills and capabilities and identify gaps and solutions.
  • Create an agile learning culture that balances the needs, desires and opportunities of individual learners with the strategic goals of the business.
  • How to utilize contextualized content, a connected ecosystem/environment, learning reinforcement, coaching, peer-to-peer collaboration and more.

-Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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