Developing Great Leaders During Times of Uncertainty

Employers need agile leaders who can thrive during times of uncertainty, ranging from navigating the emerging world of hybrid work to mergers and acquisitions, transformation initiatives and more. 

Brandon Hall Group research shows that many employers struggle to find the right balance in developing leaders who can adapt to ongoing change.

This is not an easy fix for many organizations, so we’ve asked CoachHub to provide its unique insights and perspectives. I am thrilled to welcome Liz Pavese, PhD., senior behavioral scientist at CoachHub, to a webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 12. We’ll discuss the latest research and trends, and Liz will share real-world examples of how organizations can develop agile leaders who can excel in the face of disruption.

Here is a quick preview of the topics we will discuss:

  • Support leaders through coaching, mentoring and peer groups. It takes a village to educate a child and diverse support to develop a great leader. Leaders benefit from coaching and mentoring and simply sharing experiences and insights with peers going through similar experiences, highs and lows. Change is difficult and the more people involved in a leader’s development, the better.
  • Give leaders time for reflection and self-development. When we asked respondents to our latest leadership development research what they would do if they could choose just one thing to improve leadership development, the most frequent answer was “empowering leaders to take more time for reflection and self-development.” For too long, leadership development has been treated as an event outside of work. That mindset is changing. The coronavirus pandemic served as a leadership laboratory, with new and disruptive situations testing leaders’ abilities. Now is the time to build on this experience and give leaders time to reflect and grow.
  • Enable leaders to practice new behaviors in a safe environment. Practice is critically important for behavior change. However, just telling leaders to practice their new approaches on employees, without having opportunities to struggle and make mistakes in a safe environment with feedback and support from coaches and peers, does more harm than good. 

I hope you will join Liz Pavese and me to discuss how to develop more great leaders. Brandon Hall Group is also getting ready to launch new research, which we will give you the opportunity to participate in. You can register here for the webinar:

Developing Great Leaders During Times of Uncertainty, 1 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Oct. 12. “See” you there!

-Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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