HCMx Radio 04: The Culture Equation: How Important is Company Culture?

In this episode, my guest Dwane Lay shares what he has been working on at Dovetail Software as well as ideas from his upcoming book on the culture equation.  With his background in lean HR and process improvement, Dwane brings a unique approach to his interpretation of what organizational culture is and how leaders and employees can impact that culture.  He’s also the VP of Customer Experience at Dovetail Software so he knows all about technology and process from that standpoint as well.

We talk about culture as an output that leaders cannot sit around a table and define.  We discuss ways to be intentional about culture, not prescribed, nor manipulative, in order to model behaviors that will produce the type of culture your organization desires.  Dwane also shares his ideas on how language, symbols, values and technology work together to create culture.  It’s all about how an individual’s actions impact the whole.


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