HCMx Radio 130: Breaking down HR silos for a better employee experience

Guest: Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade. Henry founded Limeade in 2006 and has led the company from an idea in his basement to a high-growth, industry-leading SaaS employee engagement company that serves some of the smartest companies in the world. Before Limeade, Henry served as VP of Product Management at Bocada, an enterprise software company and a product, marketing and business leader at Intuit, where he launched a number of successful new business initiatives. Henry earned his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management with an emphasis in technology and marketing and his B.A. in economics and literature from Claremont McKenna College. Outside of work, Henry enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his family.

Topics and questions include:

  • How and why he started Limeade
  • The culture of caring and having more purpose at work
  • Insights from the field highlighting the strength and peril of HR silos
  • Why singular programs – from wellness to engagement to inclusion – should be aligned and even integrated
  • New research that reveals the business impact of showing employees their company cares – and how companies can deliver in this, even for hard-to-reach employees
  • Personal insights from Henry’s career
  • Strategies for building bridges across HR functions
  • Training and recognition
  • Using data to make more humane decisions
  • The humane future of wok
  • Critical human interactions
  • Getting more out of what you already have
  • And more!

We are hosting our 4th annual Women In Leadership Summit. The event will be held on June 10th & 11th at the EAU Palm Beach Resort in Florida. We hope to see you there!

Our annual HCM Excellence Conference is on February 4-6th.

If you have questions about our discussion today and would like access to our Women In Leadership Network that provides organizational leaders access to our research library on women in leadership and diversity and inclusion topics. please contact me at [email protected] or visit www.brandonhall.com.

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