HCMx Radio 78: Critical Areas Women Should Focus on to Have Sustainable and Successful Careers

Guest: Niki Buchanan, General Manager and CEO of Philips Wellcentive

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

In this episode of HCMx Radio, we review critical areas women should focus on to have a sustainable and successful career.

Niki Buchanan shares her varied career experiences and the trajectory she followed from her first post-college job as a teacher to her current position as General Manager and CEO of an industry leader in population health management. We discuss:

  • Differences in the ways men and women approach potential new job challenges
  • What makes a great woman leader
  • Organizational development programs for women
  • How to improve equality in the workplace
  • Preparing our daughters and sons to enter the workforce
  • The importance and implementation of the skill of persuasion

Niki provides the following valuable advice for women entering the job market or interested in changing or advancing their careers:

  • Be open to change
  • Stretch yourself by taking on opportunities you wouldn’t ordinarily seek
  • Go after jobs in which you’re interested, even if you don’t think you’re 100% qualified for those jobs
  • Don’t be afraid to take a risk
  • Learn from the risks you take
  • Get specific feedback as to deficiencies you need to correct and/or work on so you can make yourself more valuable
  • Find a company with the right management team that will invest in you

BHG’s HCM Excellence Conference will be held January 31 – February 2 at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It will feature a workshop on Advancing Women in Technology Careers and Companies on Jan. 32. BHG is also hosting a summit dedicated to advancing women in leadership. The Women in Leadership Summit 2018 will be held June 6-7 at the Marriott Harbor Resort Beach Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

To listen to the interview, you can download or stream the podcast anytime at the HCMx Radio site.


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