HCMx Radio 91: Using Communication to Enable and Support Public Education and Students

GuestDr. Ayelet Segal is the Head of Education & Research at TouchCast. She leads the educational mission and works with thousands of schools to facilitate hands-on learning in their classroom through TouchCast’s interactive video learning experiences. Dr. Segal is an international speaker and a published author, and an expert on how students learn with video. She has devoted the last 25 years exploring problems in the realm of Cognitive Psychology, Education and HCI in academia and industry. Prior to joining TouchCast, she earned a Master’s and Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, Education and Technology from Columbia University as well as a Master of Arts in Interactive Media from Middlesex University in London. She published the first research on children learning with iPads and has been honored with several international awards.

HostRachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

Topics include:

  • TouchCast’s mission of innovation and its family-oriented culture.
  • Leveraging the power of storytelling and interactivity with “smart videos”
  • Using TouchCast to promote women in tech
  • Empowering young people, especially young women
  • TouchCast Pitch: what it is and what it does.
  • Unconscious bias training; its value and impact
  • Using the smart video platform to build a production team
  • TouchCast’s social involvement in communities and helping children by supporting public education
  • And personal insights from Dr. Segal’s career

You can listen to the podcast here.

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