The Reality of Virtual Reality: It’s Already Scaling in the Enterprise

The future of virtual reality is now.

Employers and their L&D teams need to deliver learning experiences that build new skills, change behaviors and drive business results. Virtual reality can do all that in a more engaging way — and at the scale organizations need.

It’s time to end the disconnect. That’s why Brandon Hall Group is partnering with pioneering VR company Strivr on a webinar on Nov. 2.  Featuring Strivr CEO Derek Belch and Todd Larson from AdventHealth, a current Strivr customer, the webinar will provide a deeper understanding of the impact VR learning can have and how easy it has become for businesses to deploy at scale.

While VR is associated with the emerging world of the Metaverse – immersive 3D digital worlds based on virtual reality gaming experiences – it is no longer an emerging technology. VR is already well-developed and provides the ability to scale immersive learning in ways that were unimaginable less than a decade ago. In VR, learners get on-demand access to real-world scenarios in a safe environment. Businesses gain unique insights to assess employees’ performance and potential.

Embracing VR now provides the foundation for leveraging the longer-term potential of the Metaverse. While only about half of organizations surveyed by Brandon Hall Group are at least moderately familiar with the concept of the Metaverse, almost two-thirds see its merits.

The Metaverse is the future of HCM technology and should be embraced. Leveraging VR for learning is a great place to start.  

So join us for our webinar, The Reality of Virtual Reality and Its Ability to Scale Immersive Learning. Not only will you see the benefits of VR, but you will hear from Todd Larson, Director of Simulation & Innovative Technologies at AdventHealth, about how the company is using VR to reimagine learning. We will take your comments and questions and actively involve you in the discussion. See you on Nov. 2!

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