Webinar Alert! Putting HR in the Driver’s Seat of Collaborative Talent Management

Putting HR in the Driver’s Seat of Collaborative Talent Management: 4 Talent-Centric Technologies To Tune-Up Your Talent Strategy

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern

Social media, collaborative learning, the pervasive power of video, and shifting workforce demographics are changing how we recruit talent. They also impact how work gets done, by whom, how knowledge is shared, and how we continuously learn and develop. As social tools climb the maturity curve, HR must lead in making organizations more talent-centric and ensuring they strengthen internal connections and promote the company culture — from recruitment, to onboarding, to developing and retaining talent.

Join Laci Loew, Vice President Talent Management and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Kevin Grossman, Director of Product and Content Marketing at Peoplefluent, for this informative webinar that includes:

  •  How the recruitment experience affects retention for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers
  •  How companies can enable new employees to continuously learn in cloud from day one
  •  How pervasive video can help employees and managers learn before they transact in their talent systems
  •  How analytics can help forecast critical talent needs throughout the employee lifecycle

It’s time to tune-up your talent strategy and put you in the driver’s seat! Join us!

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