4 Strategies for Selecting a Pre-Hire Assessment Provider

selecting assessment providerAlmost two-thirds (63%) of companies are using pre-hire assessments at some stage of the recruitment process, according to a recent study by Brandon Hall Group. With new providers entering the market, the challenge most of these companies face is not building the case for assessments but rather determining the right provider and the right measurement strategy.

Below are a few strategies from Brandon Hall Group’s recent report on selecting pre-hire employee assessments:

  • Expand Your View of Assessments. Assessments should be used consistently throughout the organization. Leading-practice organizations are leveraging these tools for every job level, not just senior positions. These organizations are also using assessments early on in the recruitment process — either during the application process or before the interview is conducted. 10% percent of organizations are leveraging assessments at multiple stages of the recruitment process.
  • Invest in Personality Assessments. Nearly 50% of organizations are leveraging personality assessments for their pre-hire initiatives. This type of assessment in gaining popularity as organizations recognize it can help identify patterns of behavior and ensure quality of hire.
  •  Determine the Most Important Outputs. Organizations must consider what they are hoping to get from their assessment provider and what outputs will help to strengthen their overall talent acquisition efforts. Organizations in Brandon Hall Group’s Assessment Study identified skill competency ratings, indicator of overall potential for the job, and work style/personality insights as the greatest outputs.
  •  Validated Assessments are a Priority. Above all else, organizations must ensure the validity of the assessment tool itself. Before organizational business impact can be tracked, organizations need to know that there is valid and reliable science behind the assessment solution they choose. Validity, along with the service level provided around the assessment, is the top solution provider selection criteria.

Madeline Laurano, VP and Principal Analyst,
Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group

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