Are Your Boxes Checked?

Does your organization make sure all of your boxes are checked when it comes to training? In every organization certain training topics are required (or they ought to be!).

When new employees are hired all companies have their employees go through an onboarding process, and although some companies do this much better than others, basic topics are covered around the purpose of the organization and the new employee’s role. Also covered is some sort of compliance training. It may be as simple as communicating the internal rules, but it can also be a matter of life or death.

For some organizations, a large part of training is driven by outside entities. Health care organizations need to conform to HIPPA regulations, food manufacturers are inspected by the FDA, accounting companies are governed by IRS rules, and of course there are many other standards depending on industry and job role.
So what are some best practices around compliance training?

First, it’s important to make sure that your employees understand why this training is vital for the organization. In some cases not doing things according to industry standards isn’t a big deal, but in others it can lead to fines, lawsuits, or even injury or death. Standards are in place for reasons and it’s important that these reasons are conveyed to employees.

Second, it’s important to teach the correct information. If an accounting firm is training its employees on outdated accounting practices even if the training is phenomenal the information is still wrong. Be sure that your training conveys the correct information.

Third, make the training engaging and informative. Even if the topic is dry there are still ways to make the training engaging for participants. Some companies create a social component, others have created virtual worlds, and others have added games or mobile elements. Think about what you can do to liven up the delivery, even if the material isn’t always thrilling.

For more information about compliance training and best practices for how to deliver compliance training to your industry join David Wentworth, Senior Analyst here at Brandon Hall Group, and Ray Ruff, Chief Information Officer at NetDimensions as they discuss current trends in compliance training. Register for this informative webinar.

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Erin Spencer