Assessing the Personalization of Your Learning

Organizations must be able to create and deliver contextual, personalized learning to develop career paths, retain top talent and drive business growth. Personalized learning is the process of providing learning experiences that are based on an employee’s professional and personal needs and interests, and making that learning accessible in a venue and time that is best for the employee. The workforce has grown increasingly mobile, remote and dispersed, and most learning organizations have struggled to keep up with these shifting dynamics.

Often the biggest challenge is just getting started. But even once the shift to personalization is underway, there are many other challenges that companies face, including:

  • Managers do not play a large enough role in learning.
  • The culture is built on event-based learning.
  • The right technology ecosystem is not in place.
  • There is a lack of understanding of neuroscience or neurocognitive learning principles.
  • Companies don’t have a good handle on what our learners need.

To help companies get started on the right foot, Brandon Hall Group has partnered with Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo to provide access to a personalization Self-Assessment Tool. The tool was developed by analyzing the results of the recent Building Personalized Learning Across the Organization survey and conducting interviews with L&D leaders who are having success with personalization.

L&D teams can evaluate their current environment and compare their results to those of high-performing organizations to see where they may need to prioritize their efforts. To get started, download the Self-Assessment Tool here.

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