Back to Normal? The Future of Extended Enterprise Training

Extended enterprise training for partners, dealers and resellers has traditionally been handled with a heavy dose of in-person, hands-on training. After all, even the best immersive simulations can’t yet replace the actual real-life experience of fixing an engine or diagnosing and repairing a fault in a forklift.

Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans and many organizations offering extended enterprise training had to scramble to adopt remote learning delivery formats and do the best they could in a COVID-restricted environment. Now that the pandemic has receded, a recent extended enterprise learning survey from Brandon Hall Group finds that organizations are returning to a pre-COVID model for training their partner networks. While organizations are glad to be able to utilize in-person learning fully again, the challenges and demands around extended enterprise partner training have intensified.

Manufacturers are being asked to increase the training support they provide their partners. Like most learning organizations, they are being asked to do more with less. Executive leadership is scrutinizing training spend and asking for direct evidence of performance impact and enhanced efficiencies in the training process. 

Other challenges include trainees coming into the learning process with fewer basic skills and limited conceptual understanding, reduced access to senior personnel to mentor and coach trainees, a general push to limit time spent in the learning process to maximize employee time, and frictions over which organizational silos own the learning process.

Please join Ken Joseph, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and David Proegler, Senior Managing Principal with LatitudeLearning, on Thursday, Feb. 16, at 1 p.m. EST as they explore the challenges companies are facing as they extend training to their partner networks, and how these challenges are being met. The 60-minute webinar, Back to Normal? The Future of Extended Enterprise Training, will feature data from the Brandon Hall Group’s 2022 study on Extended Enterprise Learning and provide insights direct from the field research on how organizations are working to drive learning efficiencies and improved outcomes. Discussion topics include:

  • Challenges faced in training partner networks
  • Post-pandemic trends
  • Best practices and strategies
  • Examples of successful approaches.

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