Benchmarking Your Own Organization’s Candidate Experience

HireRoad partnered with Brandon Hall Group recently to help organizations discover the strengths and weaknesses of their own candidate experience, through the use of an interactive worksheet and assessment tool. The self-assessment tool has 19 critical questions you can use to benchmark your organization’s efforts and then use to determine an action plan for the future.

The tool is simple and intuitive, starting by walking you through the current state of your candidate experience to see whether the processes and technology used for candidates treat all candidates equally and if there is a proper split between those tasks that should be automated and those that require a human touch.

Brandon Hall Group research found that organizations were much more likely to use automation in TA for sourcing and screening than for onboarding. However, more successful organizations look to find advantages in automation throughout the candidate lifecycle, and there are plenty of instances in all stages of TA where technology can play a large role in creating a more authentic candidate experience. This is often done by allowing more human interaction by freeing up your internal TA staff from repetitive, mundane tasks.

The interactive worksheet allows you to see the processes and uses of technology that are more common in low-performing companies, and compare them with high-performers, to help give a greater understanding of those activities that are more often correlated with overall business success. 

Another area that you will see highlighted on the interactive worksheet is in the integration of TA technology with other HCM systems. Again, this is especially important for onboarding. Onboarding has traditionally been a standalone process and that has affected their ability to make better, data-driven decisions because the right data is being blocked by a lack of integration with other systems.

HireRoad then can show how organizations that take a more personalized, humanistic approach to the candidate experience have created success for not only their TA teams but their organization as a whole. A great candidate experience is important for every organization because it does more than fill seats faster, it creates an impression that carries on for that candidate throughout their entire journey, whether they become an employee or not. A strategic, long-view approach to the candidate experience might be just what your organization is lacking – it’s probably time to find out

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