Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 6-12, 2020

Employers must evolve their approach to work as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues. At the same time, as learning becomes vital in helping organizations adapt to the new normal, employers still struggle to measure learning’s true impact. Brandon Hall Group research and content examine both while continuing to analyze the technology market and host compelling and meaningful webinars.


Learning Measurement: How Can We Find Learning’s True Impact?

This KnowledgeGraphic leverages research highlights from Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study along with critical questions and suggested tactics and strategies. Data is broken down by organization size.

Published Content


HCMxRadio 151: Reimagining the Return to Work

EY’s Glenn Scott, Senior Manager, Advisory Services for Performance Improvement talks with Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke about how corporate leaders can best help employees cope with the physical and emotional challenges of the continuing workplace evolution driven by the coronavirus pandemic.

Learning & Development

Solution Provider Profile: Axonify

Axonify is a standout in driving learners’ depth and length of learning retention. Axonify built its solution on a foundation of cognitive psychology to ensure learners can ingest, recall and apply the knowledge they need to be successful. The Axonify solution is remarkable in its dedication to learning in the flow of work.

Solution Provider Profile: G-Cube

G-Cube can develop the most advanced forms of learning and deliver learning for any just-for-me learning environment. Whether it is games, simulations or even virtual reality, G-Cube’s platform portfolio provides a system that can fully support any organizational setting.

Solution Provider Profile: Watershed

Being part of the development of the Tin Can API (xAPI) puts Watershed in a unique position within the burgeoning LRS market. Not only does the Watershed team have unparalleled insight into the ins and outs of xAPI, it also means they have been around as organizations learn what a Learning Record Store is. As such, the tool is specifically designed to be very easy to use and navigate, a big help to users who may be unfamiliar with this type of technology.

Solution Provider Profile: VitalSource

Intrepid’s solution is designed to help companies develop and deliver learning that is less obtrusive and fits into the natural flow of work. The incorporation of missions helps bring the platform into the world of everyday work, letting learners put their knowledge to use on the job and bring back results for others to share. The platform is well-suited for sales enablement, onboarding, leadership development and even extended enterprise learning, giving it broad appeal.

Talent Acquisition

Solution Provider Profile: Mya

What Mya has really done is supplement the efforts of recruiters with AI and automation, which is Brandon Hall Group’s research has shown can be a differentiator between lower-performing and higher-performing organizations — simply because it allows you a better chance of making sure that the right person applies for the right job and moves through the recruiting process faster.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, July 16: What’s on the Other Side? L&D and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Organizations have grappled with the digital transformation of learning for years, adopting new technologies slowly and in fits and starts. All the while, instructor-led classroom training remained the number one learning delivery method. But as the coronavirus pandemic reshapes the workplace, the digital transformation of learning must occur immediately. This urgency can help learning leaders drive the change that has eluded them for years. But engineering and managing the transition will still be challenging. Please join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group, and SAP Litmos as they look at the current state of L&D in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and examine best practices in jump-starting digital learning transformation. Register here.

Wednesday, July 29: How Employers Can Bring People Together Through Inclusion

Most organizations believe diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a powerful driver of business goals, according to Brandon Hall Group’s latest research. However, the majority don’t leverage the strategies, programs and processes to build an inclusive culture of diverse talent. D&I has never been more relevant than right now. The economic and social fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice dramatically illustrate that people must come together. In this webinar, sponsored by Skillsoft and Cornerstone OnDemand, Brandon Hall Group’s Rachel Cooke and Claude Werder are joined by Jonathan Jackson, Director, Director, CARE Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital. Register here.

Wednesday, August 12: Learning Agility: Five Ways Learning Will Change

As the workforce re-emerges on the other side of the coronavirus outbreak, organizations have been grappling with what business operations and learning will look like in the world of the “new/next normal.” If anything, the shutdown has made it crystalized the need for learning agility. Organizations with agile learning processes and systems were able to pivot, those with more traditional learning systems and processes struggled. Join David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst with Brandon Hall Group and Chris Tratar, Director of Product Marketing at Inkling as they discuss the concept of learning agility and explore five ways learning will be transformed based on recent research conducted by Brandon Hall Group. Register here.

Wednesday, August 19: Courageous Humility: Leading with Resilience in Challenging Times

In today’s world, leaders at all levels are facing unprecedented challenges: a pandemic, protests in the streets, racial discrimination, political tension, and more. Corporate leaders cannot afford to stay silent as these world issues impact us at work as well as at home. In this webinar, Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke is joined by Bonnie St. John, President and CEO of Blue Circle Leadership. Bonnie shares her perspective as an African-American and differently-abled person with more than 30 years of experience as a trailblazer in business and government. She equips leaders with fresh, practical tools to help bridge sensitive subjects and situations in the workplace and beyond. Register here.

Brandon Hall Group Featured on Training website

People Management During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Claude Werder, Brandon Hall Group

As social-distancing restrictions relax, will we revert to the “old normal”? Or will we build on successes and lessons learned to make work more collaborative, sustainable, and cost-effective in a digital environment?

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