Brandon Hall Group Research Published Jan. 9-15

Last week, Brandon Hall Group published 11 new resources –  1 KnowledgeGraphic, 1 award-winning case study from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 6 Solution Provider Profiles, 1 Webinar, 2 Blogs from analysts, and answered 3 member’s research questions.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

HCM Analytics 2017: How Strategic Organizations Operate (KnowledgeGraphic)

Five Elements for Defining Your Learning Culture (Webinar)

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Here is an overview of research released Jan. 9-15:

New KnowledgeGraphic

HCM Analytics 2017: How Strategic Organizations Operate (KnowledgeGraphic)

This KnowledgeGrapic shows the differences between how “strategic” and “tactical” organizations utilize workforce people data. This KnowledgeGraphic, based on our 2017 HCM Measurement and Analytics Study, shows a small increase in organizations using predictive analytics, along with distinct separation between “strategic” and “tactical” organizations in how they approach people data.


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

Microsoft Uses Wharton Professors and MOOCs to Train Elite Sellers (2016 Case Study)

Microsoft, shifting its strategy to focus on “Cloud First, Mobile First,” needed its sales force to better understand business strategy to negotiate with finance, accounting and senior executives, not just IT managers. For such a transition, training needed to happen fast and reach 15,000 Microsoft sellers across the globe. The training team and “Microsoft Business School” turned to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses for global scale and Wharton for content, then added case studies and mission assignments involving real customers.


Solution Provider Profile


This solution provider profile features Interviewed, a candidate assessment tool for talent acquisition. The assessment product allows employers to see job candidates in action. The company offers assessments and work samples where candidates actually do the job they are applying for. The profile includes insights from Daria Friedman, Brandon Hall Group’s Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst.


This solution provider profile features Xyleme, a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that enables teams to produce and distribute learning content everywhere their learners need it. Xyleme partners with organizations to transform the way they author, publish, deliver and analyze their strategic content. The profile includes insights from Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.


This solution provider profile features Snagajob, a technology company specializing in talent acquisition for hourly employees. Snagajob’s mobile and on-demand sourcing, hiring, training, scheduling and workforce management tools are designed to drive results for businesses across restaurant, retail, hospitality, and other hourly industries. The profile includes insights from Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman.


This solution provider profile features AppLearn, a software adoption platform that supports the end-to-end implementation and optimization of enterprise digital transformation projects. The ADOPT platform is designed to help organizations roll out cloud-based software quickly and easily by providing training and support from within the applications themselves, rather than through separate training exercises. The profile includes insights from Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.

WBT Systems

This solution provider profile features WBT Systems, a technology company featuring a Learning Management System (LMS) called TopClass. WBT provides a complete web-based solution for the efficient management, tracking, and certification of training for associations and corporate organizations. The profile includes insights from Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.


This solution provider profile features Brainshark, a technology company focusing on sales training. Brainshark sales enablement software equips businesses with training, coaching and content authoring capabilities to improve sales readiness and productivity. The profile includes insights from Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.



Five Elements for Defining Your Learning Culture

Research shows that more than anything else, a culture of learning is something that attracts good people and gets them to stay. It impacts engagement more than rewards and recognition, work/life balance, and even ping pong and free sodas. Creating that culture can be challenging, however, the effort to create one is rewarded in performance, engagement, and other ways.

Discussion topics included; elements of a strong learning culture, the Learning Culture’s impact on engagement and loyalty, the importance of variety, and training design strategies.


Research-based Blogs

New Research to be Released at HCM Excellence 17

At its upcoming HCM Excellence Conference 2017, Brandon Hall Group we will release HCM Forecast 2017, in which analysts Michael Rochelle, David Wentworth, Daria Friedman, Cliff Stevenson, Claude Werder, and other BHG leaders share their vision on such topics as; personalized learning, leadership development, performance management and more. In this blog you will get a preview of what is to come at Excellence17.

Look First to Internal Talent to Fill Positions

In this blog, Daria Friedman, Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst, says that in order to have a fully optimized, high-performing organization, it is important to first provide career and development opportunities to employees and fill key jobs internally, and then, if needed, look externally for talent to fill those positions. This comes with challenges that will be discussed in an upcoming webinar.


Answers to Questions from Members

One of the great features of membership in Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask questions of our analyst team and get insightful answers within 24 hours. This is among the questions answered last week:

  • I would like to see more information on online/virtual learning options that are effective at replicating or replacing the classroom experience.
  • When dealing with high potential millennials, how do you “sell” lateral development to them when their sights are set on upward mobility?
  • What are the key clauses to be mentioned while drafting work from home policy / telecommuting policy/remote working policy?

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