Brandon Hall Group Research Published June 20-26

In the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 12 pieces of research – 1 new proprietary research report, 7 award-winning technology reviews, 1 answer to a member’s question, and 3 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

KnowledgeBlast: How Culture Influences Performance Management

HCMx Radio: An Interview with LinkedIn’s Kevin Delaney

Your Sales Training Should be as Modern as your Salesforce

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Here is an overview of research released June 20-26:

New Research Reports

KnowledgeBlast: How Culture Influences Performance Management

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 research reveals some dramatic differences in performance management approaches and results between organizations with collaborative cultures and other culture types. For example, companies with controlling cultures are four times as likely to say their performance management is ineffective, and organizations with collaborative cultures are most likely to consistently recognize employee contributions.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Boeing’s Career Path Framework

Boeing’s Career Development Framework consists of a four-stage approach (Explore, Connect, Launch, Renew), and resides on a Boeing website. In addition to the process, the website tool includes an employee starter kit, manager guidance, career plan, skills-based assessments, 70/20/10 development planning tools for each function across the enterprise, employee testimonials, support videos, web support materials, and other useful resources. It was designed to help the employee create and execute a personalized Career Plan, to guide the growth in the employee’s talents and capabilities over their Boeing career.

Workstar’s Face-to-Face Simulator

Workstar’s face-to-face simulator allows teams of students to participate and compete in real-world, simulated scenarios throughout a face-to-face delivered learning experience. Students are presented with situations (such as turning around a poor performing store, or managing a team), and in turn, they have to discuss and debate, make critical decisions and see the impact of their choices on key business metrics. Each student is challenged to think about how to apply the material they are learning in the classroom to realistic work situations that they will encounter in their day-to-day jobs.

River Supports Mentoring, Coaching and Peer Learning

River is SaaS social learning software that supports mentoring, coaching, and peer learning relationships. The proprietary algorithm makes smart recommendations for people as they take part in one-on-one mentoring relationships, performance conversations between supervisor and direct report, and collaborative groups as learners and advisors. River suggests the right people, content, courses and conversations people should be connecting with to improve their skills or share their expertise.

Quiz Manager, a Complete Knowledge Assessment Platform

Quiz Manager is a complete platform of knowledge assessment, which supports all the necessary steps to create a real evaluation system. From one single interface, users of Quiz Manager will be able to create and distribute their evaluation questionnaires, before proceeding to a detailed analysis of the individual and collective results of the respondents. Fourteen types of questions are available (single choice, multiple choice, Likert scale, matrix, fill-in-the-blanks, drag and drop, open-ended question …) with the possibility to add multimedia elements (sound, image, video) and hypertext links.

Virtual Technologies Drive Emergency Training for Dubai Police

Dubai Police has employed cutting-edge video game technologies to create innovative, virtual incidents ranging from crime scenes, to traffic accidents, to hostage scenarios that require SWAT planning and intervention in an engaging way that mimics real-life situations. This allows trainees to learn-by-doing to harness their skills in a safe and practical environment.

Talemetry’s Recruitment Marketing Platform

Talemetry is an integrated recruitment marketing platform that syncs with an organization’s internal applicant tracking system as well as external recruiting vendors to create a single talent pool encompassing internal talent sources (applicants and employees) and external talent sources and vendors (job boards, resume databases, recruitment agencies, social networks and open web).

Fuel 50’s Career-Pathing Technology

The larger the organization is, the bigger the pain point in retaining and engaging employees and providing meaningful career pathing information. Fuel 50, by Career Engagement Group, delivers significant improvements on both fronts. Fuel50’s career path software helps HR practitioners deliver career pathing information to a wide audience at relatively low cost with a technology solution that is scalable, sustainable, high reach, and high impact, with minimal HR time-investment to deploy.


Answers to Questions from Members

One of the best things about being a member of Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask questions of our human capital management analysts and get answers within 24 hours. Here is one or more questions from members answered this week:

  • Which corporate universities have advisory boards (internal or external) and how do they uses the advisory boards?


Research-based Blog

Positive Movements in the TA Technology Market

The momentum is building. It is not just that our talent acquisition technology solution providers are continuously improving and developing new solutions, finding funding, and merging/acquiring other providers. Evidence from Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Talent Acquisition Technology Study points to organizations looking to deploy new solutions, switch talent acquisition technology providers, and/or increase their technology budgets. This is good news. Organizations of all sizes are fiercely competing for talent, and talent acquisition technology can help in that endeavor. Read Daria Friedman’s complete blog here.

Your Sales Training Should Be as Modern as Your Salesforce

Perhaps no function within an organization has benefitted more from the newest wave of technologies than the salesforce. Social technology and advances in mobile apps and devices have put sales professionals closer to their clients than ever before. So why, then, does sales training seem to be so far behind? Read David Wentworth’s complete blog here.

An Interview with LinkedIn’s Kevin Delaney

On HCMx Radio, hear an interview with Kevin Delaney, Head of Learning and Product HR at LinkedIn, recently acquired by Microsoft. The discussion with Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke focused on how Delaney is leading HR and learning to organize these functions efficiently to support growth, and develop teams and individuals to be more adaptable, innovative and sustainable. Read the blog here, or listen to the podcast here.

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