Brandon Hall Group Research Published June 8-15

Human Capital Management Research

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 19 pieces of research – 1 research summary report, 2 strategic frameworks, 7 technology case studies, 4 responses to members’ questions, and 5 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released the week of June 1-7.

Major Research Reports

Research Summary: Talent Shortage & Hiring Practices

This research summary provides the top six findings from Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 research on Talent Shortage and Hiring Practices. The study increases understanding on what’s driving the perception of a worldwide talent shortage and also how organizations are innovating — or not — in order to compete for top talent. The survey was conducted in April and May. Respondents include 355 leaders in talent acquisition and human capital management working in 42 industries and 31 countries.

Frameworks & Tools

High-Performance Leadership Development Framework

This framework depicts Brandon Hall Group’s thinking on how organizations should approach developing or amending their leadership development strategies to achieve high-performance. The framework takes a three-tiered approach — considering the contexts of culture, governance, technology and measurement in a leadership strategy, a 5-phase approach toward leadership development excellence, and success levers that should be in place to achieve high-performance leadership development. The framework will be explained in detail in papers to be published in June and July 2015.

High-Performance Leadership Development Business Impact Model

This model illustrates the 4 levels of performance in the realm of leadership development, based on Brandon Hall Group researched conducted in 2013 and 2015. Each level has an impact on leadership development and the business. The percentages indicate the organizations performing at each level, based on results from our State of Leadership Development studies.

Technology Reviews from Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology

Digital Ignite

This awards technology review focuses on the Crowd Wisdom platform from digital ignite. The Chicago-based provider earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training in the 2014 Technology Awards .

Verizon Wireless

This awards technology review looks at the SIMON app from Verizon Wireless. Verizon is a $120+ billion telecommunications provider employing more than 83,000 staff worldwide. This earned Verizon a Gold Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.

Global eTraining

This awards technology review focuses on the offerings from Global eTraining. The $4 million, Canada-based provider of education and training services supports customers in 139 countries around the globe. This earned Global eTraining a Gold Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.

Klick Health

This awards technology review offers insights into the Genome tool developed by Klick Health. This Toronto-based, $100 million company serves customers mainly in the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. This earned Genome a Silver Award for Best Advance in Time and Labor Management in the 2014 Technology Awards.


This awards technology review focuses on the Saba-based mobile learning platform used by Cisco to reach its channel partners. Cisco is a $48 billion provider of networking and technology solutions based in San Jose, California. This earned the company a Silver Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.


This awards technology review focuses on the simulation technology available from HealthStream. The Nashville, TN-based company provides support to more than 3,000 healthcare organizations across the United States. This earned HealthStream a Gold Award for Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology in the 2014 Technology Awards.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

This awards technology review focuses on the capabilities of the DuPont eLearning Suite. DuPont Sustainable Solutions is headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, and provides support for companies in the transportation, oil/gas, utility, and manufacturing industries. The company earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training in the 2014 Technology Awards.

Members Ask; Our Analysts Answer

One great benefit of Brandon Hall Group members is the ability to ask questions of our HCM analyst team and get quick answers, usually within 24 hours. Here are the questions answered this week:

  • How have companies successfully launched new competencies?
  • What is the most innovative onboarding program you’ve seen in your experiences and why?
  • I would like to know options for 5-point performance evaluations scales as well as descriptions on what separates each of the 5 levels as far as rating performance goals and competencies.
  • Is there research on integrated talent management where Learning and Leadership Development (LD) are combined?

Research-based Blogs

Why Do We Try to Manage Learning?

Learning is often a fun activity, but “learning management” can instill a sense of dread in learners and leaders alike. In this blog post David Wentworth tells us how this concept ties in with the findings from the 2015 Learning Technology Trends Study and how we can leverage informal learning opportunities to keep this from becoming an unpleasant activity.

Contingent Workforce Management: Skills, Gigs, and Results

Up to 30% of the Fortune 100 workforce is contingent. That number is expected to increase to 50% by 2020. What does this mean for companies looking to hire the best talent? In this blog post Ben Eubanks covers the growth of the nontraditional workforce and offers some examples of ways this is changing the talent focus for many organizations.

What Ails Talent Acquisition? A Shortage of Innovation

Regardless of stance on whether there is a pervasive shortage of talent or not, one thing is clear: attracting talent is the leading challenge for employers today – with 64% of respondents listing it as one of their greatest challenges. In today’s blog post Kyle Lagunas shares with us some of the insights from the latest Talent Shortage and Hiring Practices survey and what they mean for employers.

Like All Employees, Managers Need Feedback, Development

We all know the saying that people join companies and leave managers. And this makes sense. People with different perspectives need to work together to bridge differences. And both parties must be engaged in order for the relationship to prosper. In this blog post Mollie Lombardi shares with us insights from Brandon Hall Group’s Employee Engagement study and how managers have development needs similar to the rest of the workforce.

Leading Through Complexity

This week Laci Loew is attending an event at Harvard focusing on today’s leading talent and business challenges, people strategies, and leadership complexities. In this blog post she shares some of her insights from the event as well as a recap of Marcus Buckingham’s session at the event.

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