Brandon Hall Group Research Published March 13 – March 26

In the last two weeks, Brandon Hall Group published 32 new resources –  3 new proprietary research resources, 18 award-winning technology reviews from the 2016 Tech Awards, 5 Solution Provider Profiles, 2 webinars, 2 blogs and 2 answers to members’ questions.

Below we make public some of these resources (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released March 13 – March 26:

New Research Reports

The State of Recruitment Marketing (KnowledgeGraphic)

Recruitment Marketing — an absolute necessity to compete for scarce talent — is still in the early stages of development for most organizations, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 research. Less than 10% of organizations overall have a fully integrated recruitment marketing strategy, and less than 40% treat it as a strategic priority linked to organizational performance. But those that do are experiencing a very positive impact on key metrics.

Tool to Use: Assessing Your HCM Analytics Capabilities

This tool explains several HCM reporting, analytics and systems capabilities so you can rate your organization’s current capabilities, figure out steps for improvement, and determine where your organization sits on Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Analytics Maturity Model.

How to Solve the Content Discovery Problem (ebook)

In Brandon Hall Group’s research, 94% of companies say that managing the ever-expanding amount of learning content is their biggest L&D challenge. This ebook spotlights research and thought leadership on the processes and technology that needs to be in place to help learners sift through the massive amount of information to discover content that is relevant, up-to-date, and fits their needs.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

Award-winning reviews of technology advances from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Technology Awards are beginning to be released this week:

Montage Simplifies Scheduling of Candidate Interviews (Tech Review)

When recruiters need to manage complex events with multiple candidates, interviewers and roles, the scheduling challenges can be immense. The Montage event manager helps to eliminate these challenges through automated scheduling. This is not interview scheduling you’ve seen before. It is different in two key ways: (1) It applies to any hiring event – live video, live phone, in-person interviews, and other hiring events like an on-campus job fair; (2) It accommodates a vast array of hiring parameters so all required functions, seniority levels, or departments are accommodated.

EY Creates Online Performance Support System (Tech Review)

In response to clients, Ernst & Young developed a blended learning program focused on role-based project and software implementation. The Online Performance Support System puts information at the fingertips of employees when they need it most. The OPPS is customizable, centered around business operations, and focused on building end-user proficiency during enterprise-wide software implementations. Clients, primarily utility companies, say the EY system enables employees to work with minimal intervention whether in the office or in the field.

CRG Takes Small & Mid-Size Companies from Manual to Online Appraisals (Tech Review)

The Corporate Renaissance Group developed emPerform to help small- to mid-size companies streamline performance management to include engaging managers in year-round coaching and 360° feedback. In particular, emPerform specializes in taking clients from manual, paper appraisals to online, automated processes. emPerform also helps a company set goals based on organizational objectives, track progress toward those goals and manage compensation and succession plans.

PEPconnect: Virtual Competency-Based Training for Healthcare (Tech Review)

The Siemens Healthineers Virtual Education Solutions team delivered the first virtual competency-based education solution for the healthcare customer – the Personalized Education Plan. PEPconnect is a technologically-advanced, competency-based education and training solution that focuses on increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individual users, addressing unique needs and, ultimately, reducing the time to achieve job competency.

Eagle Point’s Pinncacle Series Advances Learning on Technology a Company Already Uses (Tech Review)

The Pinnacle Series by Eagle Point helps engineering and other technical services organizations take full advantage of the Autodesk technology they already use. In other words, the series connects people to answers using a platform that delivers on-demand training, production workflows, cheat sheets, videos, and prescriptive learning paths. Organizations can customize the platform and change learning paths based on its employees’ learning needs.

SwissVBS’ SET Simplifies Selling Complex Products (Tech Review)

SET by SwissVBS is a mobile-first sales enablement tool that is specifically designed for B2B sales teams that are tasked with selling complex products. Sales reps use the SET mobile app to access the latest product information, present the product information to their clients, email the information on products that clients express interest in, and track client’s interaction with the shared information following the sales call.

OnPoint Digital Enhances Training Via Innovative Mobile Technology (Tech Review)

Most customers of OnPoint Digital’s enhanced technology use it to deliver on-the-go training, provide performance support and enhance communications to employees, external customers and partners via handhelds, tablets, eReaders and even wearables. The CellCast Solution platform offers flexibility and customization and integrates with legacy systems for a wide variety of customers. The mLearning suite has advanced security features and supports content in various languages.

Golf Association ‘Grows the Game’ Through Business Simulations (Tech Review)

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America leads a $65 billion-a-year industry that serves 1.5 million jobs. The PGA wanted to offer impactful skill-building opportunities to its members, allowing them to “Grow the Game.” Tata Interactive Systems partnered with the PGA to develop an engaging skill-building approach driven by simulations, including the TOPSIM Business Simulation that models complex business scenarios and provides a realistic experience in the intricacies and challenges of managing a golf business.

Axonify Links Learning to ROI (Tech Review)

Axonify drives measurable bottom-line results by growing knowledge among employees, linking that knowledge to job actions and behaviors, measuring learning effectiveness against job performance, and eventually tying the learning to business objectives. The platform has five zones, including a tool that allows organizations to define ideal job behaviors that directly correlate to business results and later track those behaviors. An administrative component adds control and management to the platform, taking Axonify’s work to the fourth Kirkpatrick level.

The Scrimmage Mobile Platform Engages Sales Teams (Tech Review)

Scrimmage offers a SaaS platform for mobile learning, training, and talent development initiatives for sales teams. The Scrimmage platform allows for content distribution on any device, anytime, everywhere. It is ideal for remote workforces, including sales reps in the field, as well as regional managers. Additional tools  include social collaboration and gamification technologies. The platform supports full reporting and robust analytics to complete the learning cycle and bring it full circle to improve training.

IBM Deepens Analytics to Personalize the Learner Experience (Tech Review)

IBM’s new platform combines business data with cognitive computing and predictive analytics to scale expertise across an organization and provide a personalized growth plan for each learner. The LMS, called the Personalized Learning Ecosystem, extracts a spectrum of personal attributes to help employees discover actionable insights about themselves. The system’s search engine automatically categorizes a vast array of resources for easy browsing and surfaces content connected to the learner’s profile, competencies, position and aspirations. The analytics also help managers identify employees who are performing well and those who need additional help.

SmartRecruiters’ ATS Focuses on User Experience (Tech Review)

SmartRecruiters supports the entire candidate funnel from recruitment marketing to hiring. Companies that use SmartRecruiters experience big hikes in career site traffic, candidate experience, and quality of hire.

Bechtel Analytics Tool: Simplifying and Standardizing Learning Metrics (Tech Review)

Bechtel is a global engineering, procurement, and construction company and delivers a vast amount of diverse learning content to its employees through Bechtel University.

As Bechtel invested more heavily in the development of its people, it had to provide a tool that would meet and exceed its business needs to rapidly and easily evaluate the learning need, the learning delivery, and the learning result. After BU discovered the flexibility built into QlikView, the business intelligence tool, leaders used it to provide a single source for all learning data and rapidly deliver an overview of the full learning lifecycle.

Global eTraining Delivers Just-in-Time Learning for Projects (Tech Review)

Global eTraining’s Total Training Solution was developed in response to manufacturing, achitecture, construction and engineering clients’ needs for comprehensive training to build project-specific technical software skills, while minimizing time spent off-project. The technology provides interactive eTraining to keep the workforce up-to-date with technology and skills, and to respond quickly and efficiently to changing software and project requirements.

Expertus Makes It Easier to Train Customers and Partners (Tech Review)

Expertus added a new suite of solutions to its ExpertusONE for Salesforce and ExpertusONE Mobile so its software now can push training directly to external learners on websites and social media venues they frequently visit. It can do so via a mobile app that includes learning tools and gamification.

RehabStudio’s Digital Workshop Helps SMBs Acquire Digital Skills (Tech Review)

As part of a global initiative, Google asked UK-based RehabStudio to build a platform to educate and inspire small- to medium-sized businesses internationally to grow their companies by improving their digital skills. In the UK alone, there are over 5 million small- to medium-sized businesses, and less than 30% are currently online. RehabStudio built Digital Workshop, an online learning platform designed to help SMBs acquire a tailored set of digital skills. Digital Workshop teaches businesses in 28 countries online skills such as “getting your business online” and “search engine marketing.”

Brainier Creates Powerful Multi-Tier LMS Architecture (Tech Review)

Brainier transformed its LMS into a powerful system called Élan, which uses multi-tier architecture to separate the core logic from the graphical user interface. The ability to put the processor under the hood while delivering simplicity on the surface makes it easy for clients to customize learning to meet the needs of diverse groups, allowing each division, department, location, or job role to have its own identity and training. Several of Élan’s largest customers use the platform to reach distributors, dealers and partners without the need for complex support or training.

Dubai Police Create Virtual Training for Crime Scene Investigations (Tech Review)

When Dubai Police turned to experiential learning to train officers, the organization started with one unit, Traffic Accident Investigation. Today, the virtual training includes such groups as crime scene investigators, airport inspectors, and SWAT teams. The department has a Virtual Technology Center that not only provides courses for the police department but also brings in revenue by customizing them for external groups.


Solution Provider Profile

BirdDogHR (2017)

BirdDogHR delivers an easy-to-use, integrated and mobile-friendly talent management system. With roots in job boards for construction and the skilled trades since 1997, the BirdDogHR Talent Management System delivers an automated and systematic process for managing recruitment and applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management and goal setting, learning management, collaboration and succession planning. BirdDogHR’s proven cloud-based software and managed services streamlines the entire employee lifecycle and improves candidate quality and flow, shortens time to hire, centralizes learning, and increases employee productivity and readiness to take on more responsibility.

gr8 People (2017)

gr8 People’s mission is to provide both corporations and RPOs a one-experience platform that brings together an application-tracking system, a CRM for recruitment marketing, a hiring solution, and an onboarding solution. The benefit of this multi-tenant SaaS platform is that it has one user interface, one code source, and one customer experience.

HRsoft (2017)

HRsoft is one of the very few SaaS vendors focused on compensation planning and total rewards communication software for the mid-market (defined as between 1,000-10,000 employees). It serves mainly banking, healthcare, and technology verticals, mostly in North America. HRsoft’s main product line is broken up by broad functions: core HR, compensation, and engagement and retention. While the company has a suite of products — RECRUITview, CONTENTview, STAYview, COMPview, and REWARDview — that address specific functions, HRsoft’s focus is on COMPview and REWARDview, which are the focus of this profile.

iWorkGlobal (2017)

This solution provider profile features iWorkGlobal, provider of global workforce management. A key differentiator is its expansive partner networks, which allow it to provide services with great speed. The proprietary technology and online platform provide real-time updates, supporting a rapid speed of service delivery and allowing for efficiency and effectiveness in global workforce management.

Epicor HCM (2017)

Epicor is a true HCM suite with no gaps in service. In a world dominated by SaaS providers for HCM, part of what differentiates Epicor HCM is its ability to work with organizations that need or want full control of their data, by providing options for hosted, on-premise, or SaaS models.



Selling Sales Training – What Gets Results?

With rapidly improving learning technology, targeted use of incentives, and focused measurement, companies are achieving real results with sales training programs. We highlight our experiences as well as research on technology, programs, and measures you need to succeed, and use examples from our extensive library of case studies.

Successful Strategies to Ensure Internal Buy In for Your LMS Project

Progressive companies of all shapes and sizes know it is essential to implement the right learning management system (LMS) for employees and learners across the extended enterprise. Yet sometimes it can be challenging to communicate the business value of either a new solution or a first-time LMS implementation to internal stakeholders. But with the right knowledge and tools, it’s far from impossible. This webinar will explore what you need to know to build the business case and get internal commitment to an LMS.



Workforce Software with a Human Touch

At Brandon Hall Group, we are seeing companies heavily focused on people in all of our HCM practices (L&D, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development as well as HR/Workforce Management.) Last year (and continuing this year), we see a dramatic rise in the importance of the employee experience (which is a branch of the same tree that the concept of workforce humanization comes from). Lately there has been a lot of interest in security and privacy, no doubt stemming from a larger national conversation that is happening about globalization.

Connecting Learning to the Right Systems

As the human capital technology landscape expands and solutions become more specialized, systems integration has become more critical than ever. Not only do we need to think about how each of these talent-focused platforms work together, but how they work together with other systems within and outside of the organization.


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