Brandon Hall Group Research Published March 9-13

Brandon Hall Group last week published 22 pieces of research – 11 case studies, 3 solution provider profiles, 5 research-based blogs, 1 webinar, and 2 short-form research reports – one on succession management and the other on the 70:20:10 learning framework.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research, which is just one piece of a Brandon Hall Group Membership. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on membership.

Here is an overview of research released March 9-13, 2015.

Short-Form Research Reports

KnowledgeGraphic: Succession Management

This KnowledgeGraphic depicts the empty talent pipeline many organizations find themselves saddled with because of succession management deficiencies. 84% of organizations surveyed said they have no talent pipeline or too few candidates in the pipeline to meet their business needs.

The 70:20:10 Framework: Formalizing the Informal

While many organizations still tend to focus much of their efforts on formal learning, which makes up just 10% of how people learn, more than 60% of organizations have adopted the 70:20:10 learning framework in some way. This KnowledgeBlast looks at how far we’ve come and some of the best practices of organizations that have adopted the model.

Best Practices in High-Performance Recruitment Marketing

This webinar, moderated by Brandon Hall Group Talent Acquisition Analyst Kyle Lagunas, explores best-practice strategies for high-performance recruitment marketing with experts from Lockheed Martin, CDW, and SmashFly, a leader in recruitment marketing technology.

Solution Provider Profiles

Harvard Business Publishing

This profile features Harvard Business Publishing, a not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. Its mission is to improve the practice of management and its impact in a changing world. The profile includes analyst insights by Laci Loew, VP and Principal Analyst for Talent Management.


This profile features Replicon, which provides cloud-based time tracking applications, dedicated to delivering visibility into time, resource and project management information, along with embedded reporting and analytics to enhance compliance and improve business performance. The profile includes analyst insights by Mollie Lombardi, VP and Principal Analyst for Workforce Management.


This profile features Saba, whose cloud-based solution focuses on leveraging machine learning to help personalize the information and services to users. The latest release, which is the subject of this profile, focuses on retaining top talent. The report features analyst insights by Mollie Lombardi, VP and Principal Analyst for Workforce Management.

Case Studies

These case studies feature winners of last year’s Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards. Applications for the 2015 Awards Program are open through April 17.

DeVry’s 3 Phases of Onboarding

This awards case study features an initiative by DeVry Education Group and partner cfactorWorks to create “best-in-class” preboarding and onboarding experiences by creating the desired first impression, easing socialization into the organization, and accelerating time to productivity. Further, DeVry Group was looking to decrease voluntary turnover in both the first 90 days and the first year of employment.

Genpact’s Leadership Development Results

Genpact was facing a gap in needed leadership talent, so the Global Operations Leadership Development (GOLD) Program was developed to solve that problem. Genpact is a $2 billion organization operating in more than 24 countries around the world. This garnered Genpact a Bronze Award for Best Results of a Learning Program in the 2014 Excellence Awards.

Call Center Training at Convergys

This awards case study focuses on Convergys’ scenario-based training methodology designed to better prepare call-center agents to perform phone transactions at a faster rate by using the learning-by-doing principle. This method uses a just-in-time approach to training to introduce tools, processes, and behaviors in alignment with major call types.

LPL Financial’s Corporate Learning Strategy

As companies evolve, their learning strategies must evolve with them to ensure the L&D function is adequately supporting the business needs. In this case study we explore this process at LPL Financial, a $4 billion financial services firm headquartered in the United States. Vendor support included Harvard Business Publishing, Richardson, Skillsoft, and MasteryWorks.

Advisory Core Consulting at EY

This awards case study focuses on Ernst & Young’s intensive onboarding experience for new Advisory hires. The program helps the new staff members quickly gain an understanding of EY’s approach to delivering exceptional client service and working in high-performing teams.

Improving Time to Productivity at Tanfeeth

This awards case study focuses on the efforts of Tanfeeth, a financial services company based in Dubai, UAE, to cut the time to productivity by 50% for newly hired credit card processors. This was achieved through a multi-layer program that included more on-the-job training and financial incentives for higher production.

Sales Education at Bridgestone

In conjunction with providers SweetRush, Kineo, and Meridian, Bridgestone developed a learning tool to help train sales staff with a goal of driving revenues. Bridgestone is a $30 billion automotive and tire part provider with more than 130,000 employees around the globe.

Improving Learning Impact at Bridgepoint Education

This awards case study features Bridgepoint Education’s learning team and its effort to re-organize, re-skill, re-prioritize, and rebuild its learning program after a major downsizing.

Changing Retail Strategy at Sears

This case study profiles the shift at Sears to an omni-channel retail strategy and the implementation of a customer rewards program.

The Learning Team at TELUS

For a company’s learning initiatives to have a lasting impact, it needs to have a strong team driving learning and development internally. This case study looks at how TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications provider with more than 40,000 employees, accomplishes that task.

Research-based Blogs

Differences in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Leaders

Tomorrow’s leadership development will look different than what we have experienced in the past, says Laci Loew in today’s article. The power of culture and empowerment will have significant impact on this discipline, and Laci also offers a challenge to business leaders to uphold those two key characteristics of high performing organizations.

Defining and Pursuing an EVP Strategy

Employee value proposition (EVP) isn’t new, but companies are now focusing on this element of their talent strategy in a more strategic way. In this blog, Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke looks at how this is occurring and unveils a new category in our awards program focusing on EVP.

Retaining Employees with Clear Career Paths

When we think about the benefits we can offer our employees, concepts like career paths aren’t usually at the top of the list. But should they be? Organizations use them every day to engage and retain their key employees, and maybe yours should, too. In today’s article HCM Associate Analyst Ben Eubanks explores this topic and offers some examples of companies that practice this concept.

Reporting in from Ceridian’s Analyst Day

Last week, Mollie Lombardi spent some time at Ceridian’s analyst event in San Francisco. In her article she recaps the event and discusses some of the product updates as well as details of Ceridian’s focus for the future.

The Neuroscience of Driving Performance

We all grow more when we believe in change, and that thought process is key to understanding how to drive employee performance. Trish McFarlane shares her thoughts from a session at the PeopleFluent Wisdom event and ties it back to the research we have done at Brandon Hall Group around talent management and performance management.

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Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group Mike Cooke Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Mike Cooke was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AC Growth. Mike held leadership and executive positions for the majority of his career, at which he was responsible for steering sales and marketing teams to drive results and profitability. His background includes more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and operations in the research, consulting, software and technology industries. Mike has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management having worked for several early high-growth emerging businesses and has implemented technology systems to support various critical sales, finance, marketing and client service functions. He is especially skilled in organizing the sales and service strategy to fully support a company’s growth strategy. The concept of growth was an absolute to Mike and a motivator in starting AC Growth, in order to help organizations achieve research driven results. Most recently, Mike was the VP and General Manager of Field Operations at Bersin & Associates, a global analyst and consulting services firm focused on all areas of enterprise learning, talent management and talent acquisition. Tasked with leading the company’s global expansion, Mike led all sales operations worldwide. During Mike’s tenure, the company has grown into a multi-national firm, conducting business in over 45 countries with over 4,500 multi-national organizations. Mike started his career at MicroVideo Learning Systems in 1992, eventually holding a senior management position and leading all corporate sales before founding Dynamic Minds. Mike was CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Minds, a custom developer of software programs, working with clients like Goldman Sachs, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill and Merrill Lynch. Also, Mike worked for Oddcast, a leading provider of customer experience and marketing solutions, where he held a senior management position leading the company into new markets across various industries. Mike also serves on the Advisory Board for Carbon Solutions America, an independent sustainability consulting and carbon management firm that specializes in the design and implementation of greenhouse reduction and sustainability plans as well as managing the generation of carbon and renewal energy and energy efficiency credits. Mike attended University of Phoenix, studying Business Administration and Finance. He has also completed executive training at the Chicago Graduate School of Business in Chicago, IL.

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