Brandon Hall Group Research Published May 2-8

In the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 15 pieces of research – 4 new proprietary research reports, 8 award-winning technology reviews, 1 webinar, 1 answer to questions from Brandon Hall Group members, and 1 research-based blog.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released May 2-8:


New Research Reports

Employee Value Proposition: A Framework for Excellence

An effective EVP is based on an organization’s strategy to provide an employee experience that prompts and sustains advanced levels of discretionary employee performance and
productivity. This white paper, based on Brandon Hall Group’s quantitative and qualitative EVP research, provides you with an EVP framework for defining and executing on an EVP so your organization can use it to improve its employer brand, hire high-quality employees that fit the corporate culture, and engage and retain those new employees, as well as current employees.

Research Summary: 2016 Workforce Management Technology Study

Brandon Hall Group’s Workforce Management (WFM) Technology Study was designed to uncover the ways in which organizations make use of technology to manage their core areas of workforce management. While most organizations expressed a need for additional technology and had clear priorities, the most sobering statistic from the research is that 41% of organizations have no WFM technology in place or are only now formulating a strategy, with technology slated to be in place in the near future. The good news is that investment is expected to increase, particularly in areas that organizations say are their top technology priorities.

Employee Value Proposition: Harnessing the Power within your Organization

This new style of research report provides a graphical illustration of data from recent research and webinars from Brandon Hall Group. This snapshot, Employee Value Proposition: Harnessing the Power within your Organization, presents data from recent EVP research.

Excellence Series: Call Center Training

Call centers present one of the toughest training challenges for organizations today. A combination of high turnover, short ramp-up times, and a relentless focus on productivity make it difficult for companies to adequately train all staff for their current roles, much less have the time to hone the necessary skills for career advancement and growth. In this report we examine six global companies achieving excellence through their call center training initiatives: Dubai-based Tanfeeth, telecommunications giant Turkcell, financial firm PSCU, the $3 billion BPO firm Convergys, Amsterdam-based Philips Healthcare, and Discover Financial Services.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Merck Teaches Soft Skills through Video Games

The game-based training program implemented by Merck & Co. is a strategic and long-term investment. The training project was conceived with an initial duration of five years and with the participation of 760 people to ensure a real impact on the organization. Merck has been one of the first companies worldwide to invest on a game-based learning methodology. This game-based learning model represents a break with traditional eLearning, as it leads to new learning paths and results. This led to a $40 million increase in sales attributed to the program. Merck earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards program.

Matching Talent and Business Strategies with Caliper Analytics

Caliper Analytics is a data-driven talent analytics solution that allows companies to maximize organizational performance through improved alignment between their workforce and business strategies. One customer, Kohler, uses the system to help hiring managers get an idea of the team dynamics when it is time to hire new staff. This earned Caliper a Gold Award for Best Advance in Candidate Assessments Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Selling Training Services and Content with Absorb LMS

A significant and growing segment of the online training industry is comprised of companies that sell training services and content. Absorb LMS caters to this market and differentiates itself with targeted ads, a free shopping cart, excellent reporting, customizable admin roles, configurable user management (for client admin access), scheduled email reports, discount codes, and enrollment keys. The platform earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Software for a Training Company in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Exploring Medical Diseases through Interactive Case Studies

Tipping Point Media (TPM) developed the EXPLORE system for Janssen, a client, as a way to help users explore disease-related knowledge. Janssen’s Rheumatology Division reached out to TPM when its previous new-hire eLearning modules were not in compliance and needed to be reassessed. As users progressed through the medical training, they began to request similar resources for other topics, proving the value of the innovative approach. This earned TPM a Silver Award for Best Advance in Learning Management for Compliance Training in the 2015 Excellence in Technology Awards Program.

KPeCampus Enables Customer Growth Through Compliance Training

The technology explored in this review (KPeCampus) was designed over the last seven years by experts in the fields of learning science, education compliance/regulations and enterprise level human capital training. The goals were to develop a rules-based compliance/regulatory engine that would allow for training to quickly adapt to regulatory changes, while providing easy product assignment and corporate reporting/completion tracking across a vast catalog of online products. The top 25 clients of KPeCampus have achieved 20+% business growth after beginning to use the technology. This earned Kaplan Professional Education a Silver Award for best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training in the 2015 Excellence in Technology Award.

Diverse Mobile Learning from OnPoint Digital

OnPoint Digital’s CellCast Solution platform allows enterprises to create, deliver and track mobile content and assessments directly to users’ computers, mobiles, and other digital devices. CellCast harnesses the power and potential of four major enterprise IT trends – cloud, mobile, social, and gamification. At Cara Operations, one of Canada’s largest food service companies, assessment results and in-store job certification levels increased by an average of 20% compared with traditional online-only training delivery options. CellCast earned Onpoint Digital a Silver Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Saving Lives through Simulations by Dexler

Lifesaving Victoria (LSV) approached Dexler Education (Australia) to create an engaging, memorable and mobile eLearning experience. Prior to the app, LSV was delivering face-to-face training in schools – but struggled to reach remote and regional communities. One of the main objectives of the app is to deliver emergency response training electronically to all regions and communities around Australia and globally in a highly cost effective manner. Using cross-platform technology and gamification, this app teaches Australian youth how to save lives in everyday scenarios. The program has reduced costs and increased the number of students who can take the training course due to its remote delivery platform. This earned Dexler a Silver Award for Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.

Multi-lingual Mobile Learning via the Learn App by CrossKnowledge

This technology review features CrossKnowledge’s Learn app, which was designed to accompany learners throughout their entire day. CrossKnowledge took into account learning practices and behaviors to create a completely integrated learning experience that is fully optimized to a smartphone, tablet, and a computer. Learn works with any type of content, whether developed by CrossKnowledge, trade-specific content developed by customers, or any other type of smartphone-compatible content. The product earned CrossKnowledge a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology in the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards.



5 Leading Practices in Marketing Training Programs

As fast as things change in business, there is one part of the organization that lives and dies by being ahead of the curve, and that is marketing. From the newest mobile platforms to delivering personalized user experiences, it is essential that marketing professionals have the skills and tools they need to bring their companies’ stories to life. A big part of the preparation process is training, but not all organizations are prepared to adequately train today’s modern marketing professionals. David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, explores how marketing leaders can design learning experiences that will engage and empower marketing professionals to get the best business results.


Questions from Members

One of the great things about membership to Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask questions to our team of analysts, who will respond within 24 hours. Here are the questions answered this week:

  • Is there research, case studies, models or tools available to help an organization moving to a COE and business partner?


Research-based Blogs

Talent Acquisition Technology: Usability Wins

Usability surfaced in conversations at the SmartRecruiters user event the week of April 25, and two examples from companies attending the event illustrate the importance of usability in the selection process. Click the link below to read Ben Eubanks’ blog.

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