Brandon Hall Group Research Published May 23-29

In the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 17 pieces of research – 2 new proprietary research reports, 11 award-winning technology reviews, 1 webinar, and 3 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:

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Here is an overview of research released May 23-29:

New Research Reports

Building the Business Case for Learning Management Systems

This BusinessBuilder is designed to assist organizations in thinking through the technological decisions and business case for the right learning management system. The report focuses on why companies need to rethink their learning technology decisions and what type of learning management system is required to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the learning audience. This updated report includes latest research from the just-released 2016 Brandon Hall Group Learning Technology Study.

KnowledgeGraphic: What Talent Acquisition Technology Users Want

This KnowledgeGraphic, featuring data from Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Talent Acquisition Technology Study, shows what Talent Acquisition technology users say are the most important functionalities and what services from their providers are most important.

Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Video and Voice Job Interviews by Montage

The Montage platform has transformed over time into a complete suite of applications that goes well beyond a traditional video interviewing solution. An in-person interview is still a necessary component of many organizations’ hiring processes, especially when it comes down to the final candidates. The Montage platform now supports this phase, by enabling recruiters to automate the scheduling, provide branded foyers for candidate engagement, and provide accessible interview questions and rating capabilities. One client saved more than $100,000 on travel costs and realized a 5x ROI on its investment in Montage Talent.

SilkRoad HRMS Connects Processes, People, and Workforce Data

SilkRoad HRMS provides a single system of record to manage employee, job, and organizational data from one central location within SilkRoad Life Suite. The Life Suite is a complete cloud talent management platform, including SilkRoad HRMS, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Learning. One client in the healthcare field scored 100% in the category of employee records for a major ISO recertification audit.

CRG emPerform Helps Small Businesses Manage Talent and Performance

CRG emPerform is an online Employee Performance Management solution. Since 2004, this all-in-one suite has been providing functionality to simplify and automate core talent management processes, including performance appraisals, compensation management, 360-degree multi-rater feedback, talent planning, reporting & analytics, and year-round performance feedback and journaling. The tool is targeted at smaller organizations looking to move away from manual or paper-based processes.

The Flexibile Functionality of TTN’s Élan LMS

TTN’s Élan’ learning platform is a flexible, cloud-based system that supports a multi-tenancy environment and complex group structure. Users can belong to any number of groups, and they can have a different role within each group. Élan is highly customizable and can be easily branded and “skinned,” according to the unique needs of a company, group, department, or even an individual user.

A Candidate-Centric Approach to Talent Acquisition

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Recruiting solution transforms recruiting from a recruiter-driven process to an engaging experience for job seekers. UltiPro recruiting lets job seekers search for and identify job opportunities that are best matched for them, apply for job opportunities quickly via mobile devices, request references from within the solution, have clear visibility into the status of their applications, and have the opportunity to share more information about their personality.

Dell’s Virtual Technical Coaching in a Global Environment

Dell’s technical account managers (TAMs) needed to be seen as technology experts and trusted business advisors. Dell designed a coaching program that would teach technical topics and give the TAMs business context practice with the coach. Students report that the training impacted key results areas, including customer satisfaction, quality, and decreased risk.

Video Learning Designed from the Employee’s Perspective by BizLibrary

Many industry analysts say that video training is the “future” of employee training and that “micro-learning,” or short-form videos of 5-7 minutes, will be a common staple. For BizLibrary, this “future” of employee learning has been the “present” for the last two to three years. Last year, BizLibrary introduced a recommendation engine. It has now refined it and made enhancements to realize the vision of creating a truly personalized learning environment for each person.

Increasing Job Application Completion Rates with Jibe

Jibe, a candidate experience platform, turns the traditional career website into a recruiting engine, delivering a consumer-level experience every time a candidate interacts with a company’s brand. This has sent application completion rates soaring for several Jibe clients. Using Jibe, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retail chains was able to reduce its cost-per-applicant from $30 to just $0.05, a 99.8% decrease.

Increasing Training Efficiency with LearnTrak LMS

LearnTrak LMS, by 24×7 Learning, is a robust, scalable and secure enterprise LMS with comprehensive functionality that allows an organization to create, manage and deliver blended learning programs seamlessly. One client, Tata Steel, has saved more than $4 million in training costs by implementing the system.

CaixaBank’s Evolving Virtual Learning Environment

Since 1999, CaixaBank of Spain has utilized a virtual learning environment, Virtuala. In making the latest in a series of updates, the challenge was to make the virtual learning environment go beyond technology and have “an emotional component, empathize with the employee, and make them feel. Only in this way will real learning take place and become grounded.”

QueSocial Redefines the ROI of Recruitment Content Marketing

QUEsocial works with companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Enterprise Holdings, Sodexo, HP and others to enable recruiters and talent ambassadors to effectively harness social media as a measurable talent acquisition channel. QUEsocial blends social content distribution, gamification, and an eLearning library to ensure best practices and analytics that directly connect individual recruiter social media activity with referrals, candidates and hires. To augment the platform’s unique content distribution capability, QUEsocial introduced PATHWAY to directly convert social content marketing into more quality candidates.



Research Spotlight: The Performance Management Revolution

Performance management continues to get lots of attention. Organizations are discussing, debating, even arguing about its practices and value – or lack thereof — in the workplace. At a minimum, the status quo just isn’t working and organizations are trying on new practices. In this session, we explored:
• The most critical elements of today’s reengineered performance management
• Actions the best performing organizations are taking
• The impact of corporate culture on an organization’s ability to establish an effective, people-centric performance management program.


Research-based Blogs

How to Replace Classroom Training

In this post, HCM Analyst Ben Eubanks discusses how to convert your classroom training for a more efficient, and potentially more effective, delivery. Please click the link to read the complete blog.

HCMx Radio: Is Your Organization Equipped to Support the Modern Corporate Learner?

In our recent HCMx Radio Show, COO Rachel Cooke interviewed Bryan Austin, VP of Learning Innovation at mLevel, a SaaS-based micro-learning platform that allows users to quickly create and deliver interactive games. Bryan shared his point of view on the behaviors, needs and challenges of the modern corporate learner and how the new dynamics of learning impact talent development. To read the complete blog and listen to the episode, please click the link.

Navigating a Complex Global Outsourced Workforce

Which role has primary responsibility for your organization’s entire workforce – Human Resources or Procurement? Does that role truly understand the implications of the competing forces that comprise that workforce and the impact of their decisions on their business? Talent Acquisition Principal Analyst Daria Friedman is talking about the fact that most enterprise organizations’ workforces are comprised of a mix of full-time-employees, contingent workers, independent contractors/freelancers, alumni, retirees, and interns. The way in which that workforce is staffed and managed can have a significant impact on the organization’s employer and corporate brand, products/services, revenue, and profit. Click the link to read the complete blog.

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