Brandon Hall Group Research Published Oct. 19-25

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 15 pieces of research – 3 new proprietary research reports, 5 award-winning case studies, 1 webinar, 1 solution provider profile, 2 answers to questions posed by members, 1 member contribution, and 2 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released the week of Oct.19-25:

New Research Reports

LMS Trends 2015: Is It Time for Something Different?

Learning Management Systems continue to under-perform across a wide swath of metrics, according to the organizations that use them. The average satisfaction score for any of the 17 aspects of the LMS measured in Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 LMS Trends Study never surpasses 3.5 on a 5-point scale, with several languishing around 2.5 — the equivalent of an F. Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth writes that we may be at a point where simply switching to another LMS is not the answer. Instead, companies seem to be longing for a different strategy altogether.

Fresh New Perspective on 70/20/10

Organizations today are assessing their ability to drive greater individual and organizational performance with their learning strategy, which is why more organizations are looking to incorporate the 70/20/10 framework into their blended learning.

KnowledgeGraphic: Employment Value Proposition

Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 research on Employment Value Proposition (EVP) reveals confusion over what it is, with 80% of organizations in the process of defining their EVP but only 1 in 5 having a well-defined one. This KnowledgeGraphic examines the barriers to establishing an EVP and a major disconnect between what is deemed important and what organizations are doing about it.

Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – all winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication this week:

Innovative Workforce Scheduling at Arise

Scheduling isn’t something that typically gets much attention, but when handled strategically, it can impact more than just employee satisfaction. The tool developed by Arise helps to get the best-performing workers more assignments as well as improving the customer experience. initiative earned a Gold Award for Best Advance in Workforce Management and Planning in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Targeting Team Engagement at Navy Federal Credit Union

What happens when your employee engagement scores dip in a certain area? In this case study you’ll see how Navy Federal Credit Union, a $4 billion financial services firm, tackled this challenge by setting up an organizational intervention. This earned the organization a Bronze Award for Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

The Leadership Development Culture at Halogen Software

Leadership development is more than just a program–it’s an organizational way of life. Being able to meet a challenging pace of growth is just one way that leadership development can support an organization’s ongoing needs, and that’s where Halogen Software has seen the benefits of this practice. This effort earned a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Leadership Development in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Raytheon Develops Game-Based Training

Training that involves expensive equipment and maintenance can quickly become an expensive proposition. However, Raytheon developed a simulated training tool to allow teams to train on virtual resources, saving the equipment from wear and tear and making the training available remotely. This earned a Silver Award for Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Dell Optimizes Learning Delivery

When delivering training around the world, it’s critical to have the process as optimized as possible to ensure both rapid uptake and efficient use of resources. In this case study we look at how Dell accomplishes this through virtual learning and other methods. This earned Dell a Gold Award for Best Learning Team in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Solution Provider Profile

Revenue Storm

This solution provider profile features Revenue Storm, a globally focused sales consultancy that helps customers identify their most significant sales and marketing challenges to improve performance and seize opportunities to grow market share.

Questions from Members

One great benefit to Brandon Hall Group members is the ability to ask questions of our HCM analyst team and get quick answers, usually within 24 hours. The questions answered this week included:

  • What are some effective survey tools that are cost-effective and intuitive to use?
  • How do I measure the ROI of social and informal learning modalities?


Driving Service Excellence through Competencies

As clear as it seems that competencies and learning should be connected, that is clearly not the case for many organizations. One organization that recognized the importance of competency management was a life sciences firm SCIEX. This webinar discussed the journey that the service organization at SCIEX embarked on to identifying an opportunity by integrating a competency model in the learning and development of their associates and leveraging technology to ensure success.

Member Contribution

Brandon Hall Group members are business leaders and leaders of human capital management functions, who have a lot of expertise and rich experience to offer their member colleagues. Brandon Hall Group encourages their contributions to the dialogue on high-performance HCM practices. This week’s contribution:

Trust and Leadership

Brilliant managers are able to build trust and unlock the great ideas within others. We all know this, and yet we often don’t make the effort to build and maintain trust with those we most need to trust, and be trusted by, like our co-workers, employees, spouse, and children. In this member contribution, Brian Austin, Instructional Design Manager, AAA Insurance Exchange, provides ideas for building and maintaining trust as a leader.

Research-based Blogs

The Trends – and Anti-Trends – at the HR Technology Conference

This week marks the annual HR Technology Conference, complete with the latest releases, vendor updates, and other important information organizations need to know about the world of tech. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about recruiting, performance, learning, or anything else related to Human Capital Management, there is plenty to discuss. Companies are desperate for solutions that will give them insight into their talent and how they are impacting the business. In today’s blog, you can see several trends facing the world of HCM that the Brandon Hall Group Research Team identified.

Successful Executive Transition is All about People

Failure rates for new executives can be as much as 75%. More than half (51%) of organizations say their leaders are not prepared to lead their organizations today, and that number jumps to 71% when asked how prepared they are to lead into the future. Nearly one-third of new executives fail at their jobs and leave the organization within 18 months. With all of this uncertainty, how can companies manage executive transitions? In her blog post, Laci Loew provides answers.

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