Brandon Hall Group Research Published Sept. 21-27

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 16 pieces of research – 2 new proprietary research reports, 3 solution provider profiles, 4 award-winning case studies from the just-announced Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 3 responses to a member research inquiry, 1 webinar, and 3 research-based blogs.

Human Capital Management Research

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released the week of Sept. 21-27:

 New Research Reports

Empowering Millennial Leaders

Millennials are the leaders of the future, but organizations are not focusing on the attention and accelerated development they need, according to the latest Brandon Hall Group leadership development research. This KnowledgeBlast focuses on strategies to engage Millennials who are in leadership roles or have potential to be moved into leadership roles.

KnowledgeGraphic: How Learning is Managed and Measured

This KnowledgeGraphic, based on data from Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 Learning & Development Study, focuses on what drives the development of learning strategies, the level to which they are linked to corporate goals, and how organizations measure success.

 Award-winning Case Studies

Winners of the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence were announced Sept. 10 and we unveiled some of the newly named winning case studies:

Cognizant Healthcare Course Drives Compliance

This case study highlights the healthcare basics course developed by Cognizant. The company is a US-based, $10.3 billion IT and consulting firm with more than 200,000 employees. This earned Cognizant a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training in the 2015 Excellence Awards Program.

Internal Certification Development at Waddell & Reed

This case study highlights the development of an internal certification program at Waddell & Reed, allowing employees to become Certified Financial Planners via a partnership with a training provider. The $1.6 billion financial services firm operates within the United States and is based in Overland Park, Kansas. This earned Waddell & Reed a Silver Award for Best Certification Program in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Retaining Millennials at Ericsson

This case study showcases the Millennial-focused retention efforts of Ericsson. The $7.9 billion telecommunications organization employs more than 14,000 staff. With impressive ratings and impacts on engagement and retention of this generational demographic, this program earned

Ericsson a Gold Award for Best Advance in Succession and Career Management in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Tata Consultancy is Improving Available Talent

This case study follows the launch of the mobile learning app from Tata Consultancy. This open application was developed and launched to help qualified job candidates learn more about the company and prepare for interviews, with a sizable portion of the user community being offered jobs at Tata. The India-based, $15 billion organization employs more than 3 million workers. This earned Tata a Gold Award for Best Use of Mobile Learning in the 2015 Excellence Awards.


The Now What, Know How, and So What of Leadership Development

The Brandon Hall Group 2015 State of Leadership Development Study identified “building a culture of performance” as the top driver of leadership development. This webinar, presented by Brandon Hall Group’s Laci Loew and DDI’s Barry Stern, focuses on building a performance culture where leaders are in the right places at the right time with just the right amount of know-how.

 Solution Provider Profiles


This solution provider profile features TemboStatus, all-in-one employee engagement survey software. TemboStatus surveys and pulses automatically turn employee feedback into actionable to-do lists for HR and people managers.


This solution provider profile features Glint, provider of an employee engagement platform based on quick, conversational pulse surveys that take only two or three minutes to complete. A dashboard (available both on desktop and mobile) automatically analyzes survey data and delivers immediate insights into key employee engagement drivers.


This solution provider profile focuses on FurstPerson, a provider of pre-hire assessment content, services, and analytics with a specific focus on frontline service, support, and sales positions. FurstPerson serves enterprise and small/medium size companies by creating hiring models linked to performance outcomes.

Questions from Members

One great benefit to Brandon Hall Group members is the ability to ask questions of our HCM analyst team and get quick answers, usually within 24 hours. The questions answered this week included::

  • What are the most common protocols/standards for Learning Management Systems such as Tin-Can, SCORM (2004 & 1.2). AICC… what is the prediction for Tin-Can taking over?
  • I’m looking for information/ benchmarks to compare size and or/spend of Learning organizations as compared to HR as well as information around outsourcing of learning functions.
  • Can you provide material for both graduate hiring/campus recruiting and internships programs of global organizations?

Research-based Blogs

New Leaders, New Learning

Talent Management Practice Leader Laci Loew writes about how our workforce is going Millennial and how our learning strategies need to go mobile.

Talent Acquisition and Millennials

Amid a struggle to attract high-quality talent, many employers are not even focusing efforts on recruiting the Millennial population, writes Talent Acquisition Principal Analyst Daria Friedman.

The Top 3 Video Training Topics

One thing that is interesting about learning is how companies train various topics. When it comes to video learning, there is a three-way tie for the most commonly trained topics, writes Learning Analyst Ben Eubanks

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