Brandon Hall Group Research Published Sept. Oct. 26-Nov. 1

Last week Brandon Hall Group published 13 pieces of research – 2 new proprietary research reports, 7 case studies, 2 solution provider profiles, and 2 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released the week of Oct. 26-Nov. 1: 

New Research Reports

The HCM Imperative: Aligning Technology with the New Digital Employee

Rapidly changing workforce conditions are placing new pressures on how organizations engage their employees. Technology is a driver for these changes, and also has been driven by workforce changes. This research brief examines the key strategies organizations should employ to align their HCM technologies with their expanding population of tech-savvy Millennials.

Tools to Use: Assessing Your Level of Change Readiness

This tool lists key elements of change readiness for any organization and lets you assess where your organization is so you can determine priorities for adjustment.

Award-winning Case Studies

These case studies – mostly winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards – were released for publication this week:

SCIEX, a Foundation of Competencies

This case study explores SCIEX’s goal of enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the challenges they face. SCIEX recognized that in order to retain its top talent, there had to be clear career paths and the development support to help employees grow. The solution envisioned was a dashboard that would lay out an employee’s career path, complete with competency levels and what it would take to get to the next level.

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Career Academy

Within the last 10 years, UT Southwestern shifted its organizational strategy to place more emphasis on its clinical enterprise and expand its scope into hospital ownership and operations. This led to requirements for staff to be developed in areas of leadership and other critical gaps to ensure success. The Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE) is the embodiment of that vision to improve the organization’s skills on a broad level. This earned UT Southwestern Medical Center a Gold Award for Best Advance in Creating a Talent Strategy in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

MasterCard’s Privacy and Protection

This awards case study focuses on MasterCard’s Data and Privacy Protection Training, which was designed to empower MasterCard employees with the knowledge of the company’s payments business model and the specific ways in which MasterCard protects the private data of its customers and partners, while also respecting the privacy needs and wishes of its customers and partners. The effort earned MasterCard a Bronze Award for Best Advance in Compliance Training in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards.

Social-Powered Mentoring at VMware

When it comes down to it, mentoring is about relationships. VMware knows this, and it used its MentorMatch tool to connect people within its marketing function to improve results and connectivity. The program was so successful that other internal teams demanded a roll-out of similar initiatives across the board. For this program the California-based technology company earned a Bronze Award for Best Use of Social or Collaborative Learning in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Transforming Learning Content to Power Performance

This case study focuses on Baker Hughes’ effort, in partnership with Xyleme, to overhaul the way it approaches learning content. The idea was to focus on both centralizing and standardizing everything, making it easier to find, use and reuse, and widen the variety of ways learning was delivered. This allows the learning function to focus on more strategic elements of learning, such as the overall architecture for learning delivery, and making sure that the delivery methods matched the best ways for people to learn and adopt the desired behaviors.

Opus Uses Custom Content to Reinforce Onboarding

The onboarding process can be difficult for new employees due to the amount of information “thrown” at them. In this case study we see how Opus was able to overcome that challenge by developing a custom content course to refresh employees on critical information. This earned the Canada-based surveying and engineering services firm a Bronze Award for Best Custom Content in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Lenovo’s Video Learning Initiative

Product updates can happen quickly, and organizations that can update learners on the changes have the best chance of closing the sale by providing the right information at the right time. Lenovo knows this, and it was able to use short videos to transmit the information to its staff, enabling them to improve customer satisfaction. The $39 billion organization earned a Bronze Award for Best Use of Video in the 2015 Excellence Awards.

Solution Provider Profile

Adobe Captivate Prime

This solution provider profile primarily focuses on Adobe Captivate Prime, a powerful new Learning Management System (LMS) from Adobe that is aligned to modern business needs. Prime provides a one-of-a-kind learner experience, combining engaging gamification with a simple learner interface that adapts to serve every major type of media seamlessly.

Adobe Captivate

This solution provider profile primarily focuses on Adobe Captivate 9 – a rapid eLearning authoring tool. With Adobe Captivate 9, users can create virtually any kind of aesthetically attractive and instructionally sound eLearning. Users can go from storyboarding to responsive eLearning using a single easy-to-use tool.

Research-based Blogs

How Analytics are Used for Talent Acquisition

As solution providers continue to pioneer new offerings that impact candidate selection, there should be best practices with respect to transparency, degree of accuracy, intermingling of data sources, and other areas. In this blog post, Daria Friedman explores some of the talent acquisition vendors she met at the HR Technology Conference and what data sources they are using to build out their analytics solutions.

Act Like a Scientist for Better HCM Practices

Science is a topic that many find fascinating, and yet when we have the opportunity to behave like a scientist in the workplace, most of us prefer to go with a tried and tested method instead. But what if we took the time to look critically at what we do and how we do it? In this blog post, Ben Eubanks offers a look at how we can harness scientific methods for improving innovation.

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