Brandon Hall Group Studying How to Create a More Capable and Mobile Workforce

Organizations creating a more capable and mobile workforce that can be connected, self-servicing and technologically supported will be more successful engaging and upskilling their employees, and creating a strong employee value proposition and employer brand. 

Boca Raton, FL — April 18, 2022

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent Human Capital Management research and analyst firm, is launching a study on how people, processes and technology can be leveraged to re-imagine talent management to build a more capable and mobile workforce.

“Employees have their own thoughts on their personal and professional development and advancement,” Brandon Hall Group Principal HR and Workforce Management Analyst Cliff Stevenson said. “Organizations have their thoughts, too, and should explore dynamic and multiple pathways for employees to advance by discovering and assessing skills across the enterprise, accelerating skills and competencies development, and motivating their employees to advance.”

“Organizations can achieve this by taking a three-pronged approach,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said. “This involves using employee-centric technology that is adapted for a mobile workforce for capabilities; building processes that allow for more employee self-service in skills development and career progression to improve engagement; and applying robust data collection and advanced analytics to create a more proficient and unbound workforce that will be aligned with organizational goals.”

Brandon Hall Group’s new research initiative, Creating a More Capable and Mobile Workforcewill ask responding organizations to identify their current approach to talent management and the changes they plan to make to adapt to changing business dynamics and talent needs. 

“To achieve the goal of creating a more capable and mobile workforce, proven methods from Brandon Hall Group research will be examined,” Stevenson said. “This includes an organization’s use of Individual Development Plans, how competencies and skills development are woven into career pathing, an organization’s consideration of the personal and professional goals of their employees and the importance of certifications in measuring and marking capability growth.”

Data from this research will fuel the development of research reports and tools — such as self-assessment tools, models and frameworks — to help organizations improve their approach to realizing the business benefits of talent management.

To participate in this study, go to . Participants will receive summary results of the survey six to eight weeks after the survey launch and receive immediate download access to Brandon Hall Group’s Strategy Brief, Reframing Career Development with an Opportunity Marketplace.

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