Brandon Hall Group’s™ HCM Outlook 2023 Book Offers Insights Into Excellence

The world of human capital management has changed forever. HR leaders are not separate from business leaders — they are business leaders responsible for optimizing the collective genius of the workforce to collaborate, innovate, evolve and excel in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

HR must become ubiquitous to an organization’s success by working strategically in alignment with the rest of the enterprise to ensure employees have everything they need to drive success for themselves and the business.

HCM is not about L&D, Talent Management, Leadership Development or other traditional functions. Those are simply instruments that must operate with the seamless fluidity of a symphony orchestra to enable organizations to thrive in a highly connected digital world that will only become more intertwined in the coming years.

Excellence in HCM means understanding — and being laser-focused on — organizational business goals.

HR strategists must leverage the tools at their disposal — and develop new tools and approaches — to enable and empower the workforce to deliver results at the speed of business. However, many organizations are three-quarters of a mile behind in a one-mile race.

The siloing that has plagued HCM can severely impede organizational evolution:

  • If you focus on L&D in a vacuum, you miss that the entire organization is impacted by how learning and development is approached.
  • If you focus on DE&I initiatives in a vacuum, you miss that diversity, equity and inclusion are really the outcomes of embedding the values and principles of DE&I in everything you do.
  • If you think only leaders are in charge, you miss that strong leadership is needed from everyone at all levels to successfully leverage each person’s unique capabilities, experiences and mindsets.

Brandon Hall Group’s™ HCM Outlook 2023: Insights Into Excellence can help you catch up in the race for HCM ubiquity. We provide the insights you need to drive excellence in human capital management.

In this book, you will understand that:

  1. Learning must become more ingrained into the organization’s DNA to ensure the business always has the talent it needs to be successful. This includes shifting to more agile processes for developing and delivering learning and embracing emerging technologies that will shape the future of work.
  2. Retaining top talent requires going beyond traditional approaches and developing employees with the agility and resilience to acquire new skills while learning how to collaborate with robots and other forms of smart technology that will drive future business growth.
  3. Leaders — while becoming more inclusive, collaborative and supportive of employee growth — must warm up to reverse mentoring that can help organizations bridge generational gaps.
  4. More people with power and influence must become allies and advocates for members of underrepresented groups if the values of DE&I are ever going to be embedded across enterprises.
  5. Employers must embrace hiring automation that extends to bias-free interview questions and 24/7 scheduling that will create a superior candidate experience while delivering a diverse, talented and resilient workforce.

Our intent through this book is to embrace the future and provide insights into what excellence will look like in the years ahead. We envision HCM as the catalyst to drive future business success. But to do so, HR leaders and strategists must shed misguided paradigms and embrace the future with the agility, resilience and creativity that leads to excellence. 

To learn how to download a free copy of HCM Outlook 2023: Insights Into Excellence, click here.

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Patrick Fitzgerald