Building an Inclusive Workplace Through the Power of Allyship

Allyship. The word often comes up in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). But what does it really mean?

Being an ally is not an identity, but rather an action or series of actions taken by someone who is not a member of an underrepresented group to actively promote a culture of inclusion. Allies leverage their credibility to create a workplace where everyone can thrive. They can greatly accelerate creation of a DE&I culture.

This is important because while DE&I is a business imperative for most employers, according to Brandon Hall Group research, many organizations struggle to embed the principles across the enterprise.

In the emerging hybrid work environment, establishing widespread allyship becomes more complex. Technology is a critical enabler. 

On Sept. 13, NovoEd and Brandon Hall Group offer a webinar that explores how HR and learning organizations can use allyship and collaborative learning technology to align employees around complex goals. The session will demonstrate how to build networks of allyship to develop people into the types of employees who can embody and enact a company’s vision and culture.

Allies make a difference by encouraging, by noticing barriers and by actively sponsoring people to progress in their careers. It requires someone who has power, privilege or a voice to speak up, support and make changes for those who haven’t gotten there yet.  Allyship requires standing up and changing the way things work. Those who practice allyship realize that lifting others is rewarding.

This webinar focuses on inclusive leadership and allyship programs as deployed at Visa, General Mills and Walgreens. These programs are examples of how to develop and deploy complex learning initiatives that change the effectiveness of people and transform cultures by creating internal alignment at scale.

Dr. Kristin Lee, Virtual Learning Manager at NextUpAmberly Santana, Senior Learning Experience Designer at NovoEd, and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, will provide insights and research to unlock the secrets for increasing allyship and cultivating inclusive leaders. Attendees will leave the webinar with:

  • Models and approaches to building inclusive leaders and allies
  • How to improve the impact of your DE&I initiatives
  • Best practices and decision-making strategies for balancing learning science, psychological safety, learner engagement strategies and your organization’s culture

Please join us Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 1 pm ET. If you aren’t sure you can make it, register anyway and we will provide a recording and the webinar slides to use when it suits you. 

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