Building Skills Now for the Future of Work

The past few years have forced Learning & Development teams to completely rethink how they serve both learners and the business. With an almost overnight elimination of in-person learning, companies were forced to either transform their approach or accelerate any transformation that had already begun. At the same time, businesses were facing a host of new and changing talent challenges, meaning L&D had to reskill and upskill the workforce to meet these rapidly shifting demands.

Just 37% of organizations in Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study say that their current approach to learning is positioning them well for the future needs of the business. That means for most, something needs to change. Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider NovoEd sees that developing people is a visionary response to an ambiguous future. To tackle these new future-of-work challenges, NovoEd doesn’t just provide technology but helps its clients build the capabilities that make the workforce resilient. Their unique focus on cohort-based experiences that weave knowledge, context, and application together provides unique learning opportunities that better fit the needs of today’s learners.  

NovoEd’s approach is to help companies easily align learning programs to the goals of the business. Organizations can focus on functional areas like marketing, customer service, or supply chain management and build the specific skills those areas require. The NovoEd environment lets learners practice their skills within the context of the business, making the learning relevant and relatable. NovoEd also recognizes the importance of communication and collaboration in learning and makes it easy to provide peer-to-peer learning, mentoring, coaching, and group collaboration. The business runs on collaboration, and so should learning.

In today’s complex, dispersed workforce environments, organizations need flexible learning solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. NovoEd helps companies transition from isolated ILT and VILT programs to a seamlessly blended environment that leverages the best of both synchronous and asynchronous learning. This means allowing learners to follow their own personalized paths but bringing them together when it makes the most sense. NovoEd is also a strong promoter of democratizing leadership development so that people at all levels are developing the skills and capabilities that will make the business successful in the future. 

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David Wentworth



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David Wentworth