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Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study finds that just 37% of companies believe their approach to learning is putting them in a strong position to develop the skills the organization needs for the future of work. There are many reasons why so many organizations struggle to meet this challenge, the biggest being that they do not believe they have the people, time, or resources to do it. This is not anything new. L&D teams have always needed to do more with less. In a post-pandemic world, however, the business is asking even more from their L&D teams, and there are fewer resources than in previous cycles.

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Beyond that, another challenge companies say they face is that their learning content does not support the skills they need to develop, with 68% saying this is at least moderately challenging. As the skills and competencies companies need to evolve and become more complex, it is harder to find off-the-shelf content that truly meets the needs of the business. And while more than half of all the content being used today is created internally, a lack of people and resources makes it difficult to quickly develop high-quality content that can build future skills.

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider ELB Learning has been building engaging, impactful learning experiences for its clients for years. While many organizations may have strong instructional design teams, not every company has access to world-class instructional designers, project managers, and game, animation, and video experts all at once ELB Learning has them, as well as voice-over talent and virtual reality designers at the ready. 

When partnering with a client, ELB Learning won’t simply build what they are told, though. Instead, ELB’s experts leverage their experience and knowledge of what makes learning great and run a thorough needs analysis. This ensures the content and experiences are created based on specific goals and outcomes. It’s this process that L&D teams often struggle with internally, which results in extended design cycles, missed deadlines, and an inability to adapt to changes.

ELB Learning lays the early groundwork to prevent scope creep while still being responsive to changing needs. ELB Learning’s designers don’t run off to a darkened room, only to return with a finished product. They partner with their clients, keeping them involved at every stage to ensure everything is on track and in service of the original goals.

If your organization needs new content to meet new challenges. It is important to find a partner like ELB Learning, rather than a faceless content farm. Without the right partnership, a custom content engagement can actually result in more work and challenges for the L&D than doing it all themselves.

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David Wentworth

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