Cornerstone Convergence 2022: All the Pieces Coming Together

Last week was Cornerstone OnDemand’s (CSOD’s) annual conference, and the analyst day beforehand was a perfect time to see just how CSOD was meeting changing market demands, especially in light of all their recent M&A activity.

Himanshu Palsule, the recently brought-on CEO (Jan 4, 2022) immediately addressed that issue by announcing the release of the Cornerstone Talent Experience Platform (TXP) which goes beyond just packaging all of the various offerings but is instead the foundation that ties it all together – the AI-enabled intelligent tech fabric that forms the foundation of CSOD’s market-leading solution.

Speaking of AI, I asked Himanshu about his reaction to the recent White House AI-ethical guidelines report and he replied that they have put their AI ethical use and communication front and center long before any top-down oversight was thought about – this is backed by BHG’s own research and previous experiences with Cornerstone.

Next up was Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer who outlined the driving philosophy of CSOD’s R&D – a willingness to always change and a need to be faster than the disruption that is always occurring in the employee development market. He also believes strongly in a human-centric design, another point of agreement with BHG’s research and POV. 

Many of the remaining presentations expanded on how this new unified platform could solve specific business issues but the main takeaway is that CSOD differentiates itself, as it always has, by rock-solid architecture (that is now shared across all of its offerings) and a unified experience. A tagline I heard was “better together through connectivity” and I think that perfectly encapsulates the keystone of any successful automated HCM system – letting machines speed up repeated processes so that humans can be relied upon to create more meaningful, valuable workplaces.

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