Docebo Bolsters Its Commitment to Service and the APAC Region with Skillslive Acquisition

Brandon Hall Group Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo already had quite a global presence across Europe and North America but their recent acquisition of learning consultancy Skillslive, based in Australia accelerates their time-to-market in the APAC region.

But it’s not just about gaining a foothold in a marketplace that would otherwise take years to establish. As an organization, Skillslive is heavily focused on the “service” part of “software as a service.” Though Docebo’s software has always been seen as intuitive and relatively easy to implement, the marketplace often needs just a bit more help than some providers are willing or able to provide.

Rather than abandon client services altogether, as many others have, Docebo wants to build on its well-established customer-friendly approach. With their focus on consulting, integration and implementation, the Skillslive acquisition shows not just a commitment to the APAC, but a strong commitment by Docebo to working in partnership with clients. Docebo doesn’t want to simply provide software but just the right kinds of software in the right deployments to meet each client’s unique needs.

It’s akin to ordering a piece of furniture. For many providers, the furniture arrives at your door disassembled with no instructions. You are just supposed to understand how to put it together. The opportunity Docebo sees is to deliver the furniture and walk through the assembly with the customer, piecing it together in a way that best fits the room in which it is going.

It’s a promising development that a learning technology provider can simultaneously expand its global reach and increase its customer service. Typically, as providers grow, so does their distance from the customer — and their needs. In fact, a big driver for the acquisition is to be able to drive success for existing and new customers in the region more quickly. The acquisition of Skillslive displays a lot of growth across many fronts for Docebo.

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David Wentworth



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David Wentworth