Driving Success for Customers Through Learning

Keeping customers happy and engaged is always a top priority for organizations. Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Outlook Survey found that customer satisfaction is the number two business priority behind generating revenue. A key element to having a positive impact on both of these priorities is one that is often overlooked: customer training.

Delivering learning to customers grows revenue and boosts customer retention by helping them succeed with your products. Additionally, customers are more likely to be open to cross-sell and upsell opportunities when they have confidence in the training they are receiving.

Customer training also provides a huge win-win opportunity for organizations. When customers receive effective training on the products they are using, they are far less likely to rely on customer support. This keeps customers happy, engaged, and retained because no one wants to call customer service. At the same time, the business saves time, money, and resources with a reduction in the number of support tickets.

Brandon Hall Group Preferred Provider Absorb LMS recognizes the unique needs for customer training, as well as the unique opportunities it presents. Learner engagement is paramount in a customer environment and Absorb LMS has the features and tools to deliver the right experiences. They help companies go beyond courses and classes with tools like Absorb Engage, which incorporates gamification elements into the learning to drive adoption. There are also learning recommendations to guide customers to other topics of interest.

The platform also makes it easy to set up a network of customer learners where they can share knowledge with each other about the products and their use, ensuring everyone is benefiting from best practices.

One of the biggest challenges with customer training is that the audiences are so diverse. Absorb LMS makes it easy to customize the kind of experience you need to deliver to a variety of different customer groups. But perhaps most important are the analytic and reporting tools Absorb LMS users can leverage to measure their customer training. Brandon Hall Group research has found that reporting/analytics is the number one challenge presented by customer training. The Absorb LMS tools allow companies to:

  • Deploy training based on customer trends. 
  • Measure the impact of training programs.
  • Identify trends and the effectiveness of your training programs.
  • Create reports and charts to analyze engagement data in new and unique ways.
  • Set alerts for when metrics and data cross thresholds so you can take action.

Customer training has a direct connection to the satisfaction and retention of customers. As such it requires an extra bit of attention to ensure it is being done right. The right technology can be the piece that makes or breaks the strategy. Learn more about how an LMS can make training work for your organization here.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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