FLOWSPARKS: Democratizing eLearning Creation
with AI-Powered Authoring Tools


Today’s organizations require a skilled and adaptable workforce. However, traditional eLearning development methods can be time-consuming, expensive and require specialized instructional design expertise. This often limits the scalability and effectiveness of corporate training programs.

FLOWSPARKS offers a platform designed to empower anyone to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Based on an analyst briefing with Brandon Hall Group™, FLOWSPARKS is a user-friendly and accessible alternative to traditional eLearning development tools. Their core offerings cater to a range of needs within the corporate training landscape:

  • Key Offerings: Cloud-based eLearning authoring platform with AI-powered co-authoring features.
  • Value Proposition: Create high-quality eLearning content faster and easier, without requiring extensive technical or instructional design expertise.
  • Strengths & Differentiators: AI-powered content suggestion and creation tools, responsive design templates, and multilingual capabilities.
  • Target Market: Businesses of all sizes seeking to develop and deliver their own eLearning programs.
  • Future Outlook: Continued development of AI features, expansion of content library templates, and integration with new learning management systems (LMS) platforms.

FLOWSPARKS AI Co-Author: Streamlining Content Creation

A key differentiator for FLOWSPARKS is the AI Co-Author feature. This utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in the content creation process by:

  • Generating content suggestions: FLOWSPARKS can suggest learning activities, text prompts, and multimedia elements based on the chosen learning objectives and topics.
  • Automating repetitive tasks: The platform can automate tasks like formatting and layout, freeing up time for users to focus on the strategic aspects of course development.
  • Maintaining consistency: AI features ensure consistency in branding, tone, and learning style across different eLearning modules.

Benefits of Partnering with FLOWSPARKS

By partnering with FLOWSPARKS, organizations can potentially experience several benefits:

  • Reduced Development Time and Costs: The user-friendly platform and AI features can significantly streamline the eLearning development process, leading to faster creation times and reduced costs.
  • Improved Scalability: FLOWSPARKS empowers internal teams to create eLearning content, allowing organizations to scale their training programs more effectively.
  • Engaging and Effective Learning: The platform’s focus on user experience, responsive design and multilingual capabilities can lead to more engaging and effective learning experiences for employees.
  • Increased Democratization of Learning Creation: FLOWSPARKS empowers individuals within organizations, regardless of their technical expertise, to contribute to the creation of valuable eLearning content.

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Michael Rochelle



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Michael Rochelle

Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Michael was the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder at AC Growth. Michael serves in a variety of roles including overseeing research and advisory support for organizations and solution providers. Michael is one of the company’s principal analysts covering learning and development, talent management, leadership development, HR, talent acquisition and DEI. Michael brings nearly 40 years’ experience in executive leadership roles, including human resources, information technologies, sales, marketing, business development, M&A, strategic and financial planning, program management and business operations in a wide variety of organizational settings. Michael is a graduate of the following certification programs: Kirkpatrick Four Levels™ Evaluation, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and Strategy Focused Organization and Office of Strategic Management.

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