Forging Ahead with Digital Transformation

As much as the pandemic slowed down many parts of the economy, it did manage to force a rapid acceleration of digital transformation for companies. Many organizations were already building digital capabilities for processes, products and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk and create new opportunities, and COVID-19 meant that the transformation had to take place almost immediately. 

One lesson learned is that Learning & Development plays a critical role in digital transformation. Not only has L&D had to shift rapidly, but it has also had to reskill and upskill the workforce to meet the demands of this transformation. This has led to a wholesale rethinking of the L&D strategy, including a more digital approach instead of in-person classes, as well as more automation to help make L&D more agile to better respond to the business. 

In essence, digital transformation means delivering learning in ways that are relevant to learners and meeting them where they are while delivering learning that will give the business a competitive advantage, increase chances for growth, save money wherever possible and train a workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

And while digital transformation does not mean the end of analog experiences such as in-person classroom training, it instead presents opportunities to transform, streamline and optimize them by incorporating more informal and experiential learning opportunities. Additionally, leveraging technology to automate processes and reimagine what goes into ILT (and what doesn’t) can create efficiencies that reduce the costs associated with ILT. This can be critical, as L&D budgets have shrunk, or at best been stagnant over the past two years or so. 

Nearly two-thirds of organizations in Brandon Hall Group’s 2022 HCM Outlook Study say that digital transformation is either highly or critically important as a business strategy. Brandon Hall Group Preferred Provider NovoEd understands that true business transformation requires transformative learning and a visionary approach to capability building. Organizations need to be able to weave knowledge, context, and community together for an experience that builds these capabilities at scale. The NovoEd platform is designed to do just that, providing L&D teams with a powerful, flexible tool to execute a transformative learning strategy.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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David Wentworth



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David Wentworth