Fresh Insights on Leadership Development

Leadership development takes the number one spot on talent agendas year over year. Yet, despite its importance, an alarming 69% of organizations this year reported that the business value of their leadership development was average at best, with many of those describing it as below average or even poor.

leadership development possibilitiesReasons underscoring its lack of effectiveness are broad, but too much focus on developing leader skills and too little emphasis on immersing leaders in experiences to build their understanding and know-how are two of the top reasons. Further, despite Millennials comprising about half of our workforce, with that number growing to 75% or more by 2020, a dismal 19% of organizations plan to focus development on this younger leader population. Add to that the under-utilization of leadership analytics to inform critical leadership decisions and actions for business success and a formula for ineffective leadership development becomes prominent. If organizations expect leadership development to play the role they need it to in achieving business results, a real commitment to leading practice execution needs to take hold now.

Join our monthly research spotlight webinar on December 16th at 10am PT/12noon CT/1pm ET as I share an updated leadership development execution framework and explore the science and success stories validating the business value of a systematic approach to leadership that ensures the execution of leading practices.

During this webcast, you will learn about:

  • Fresh insights about how to implement high-performance leadership development
  • A framework for designing leadership development excellence
  • Examples and success stories of organizations who are getting leadership development right
  • Upcoming sessions on high performance leadership development at our the HCM Excellence16 Conference
  • Exclusive leadership development and other research resources available through our Brandon Hall Group membership

Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 State of Leadership Development Study shows that the best organizations are establishing a true leadership strategy for the first time and/or modifying their leadership development effort from “ad hoc leader training programs” to “a look-forward focus on building leadership capacity, capability and culture.” A structured approach inclusive of assessments, analytics, and a focus on the Millennial population sit square in the center of the fresh approach to LD.

Our research documents the relationship between a systematized approach to leadership development and better business.  That relationship has real business meaning in the form of sharable and reportable business results in the areas that matter – revenue, brand, market share, and productivity.

I hope to “see” you at the webinar on Dec. 16!

–Laci Loew
VP and Principal Analyst, Talent Management
Brandon Hall Group

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Laci Loew



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Laci Loew

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