HCM Excellence Conference 2015 is Not Just Another HR Conference…

In a few weeks, summer will end and the HR conference season will begin to heat up. Each year, I am surprised by how many industry conferences and summits take place in the fall. Although many of these events are valuable, I can’t help but wonder if picking which events to attend is an overwhelming job.  How can you decide which conferences will give you opportunities to grow in your career and improve your HCM processes at the same time? How can you figure out which conferences will challenge what isn’t working and offer solutions for success?

We are excited at Brandon Hall Group to launch HCM Excellence Conference 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, FL Jan. 28-30. As you go through the list of events to attend this year, here are a few reasons why you should choose this one:

  • It’s in January. Most conferences in this industry all seem to be in September and October. It can be exhausting traveling week after week to attend conferences that cover similar topics. January is a great time to regroup and refresh what you know as an HCM professional. And… January in Florida is not a bad place to be, especially for this Bostonian.
  • You can network. Although most conferences include messages about networking, it seems to be ignored during these events. At Brandon Hall Group, these sessions are all interactive – plus we have sessions, such as our Unconference session, where attendees drive the discussions. If you want boring PowerPoint slides and a lecture, you won’t find it here. Not to mention, there will be plenty of time to network both during the entire event.
  • These are new sessions. Many of today’s conferences use recycled sessions. The HCM Excellence Conference agenda will feature all new sessions from some of today’s leading global organizations, laced with the latest research from Brandon Hall Group – some of it so fresh it will not have been published yet when the conference convenes!
  • Workshops feature award-winning practitioners: All our breakout sessions are facilitated by members of Brandon Hall Group’s world-class analyst team and feature panels comprised of winners of Brandon Hall Group’s prestigious Excellence Awards in Learning and Development, Talent Management and Human Resources, and Technology Advancement. All the panelists have faced the same challenges as you and conquered them through HCM initiatives that delivered break-through business results.
  • Great value. For under $1,000, you get pre-conference workshops, general sessions, breakout sessions, networking receptions, technology briefings, attendee-driven discussions, an executive roundtable, exhibits, entertainment, networking breakfasts and lunches – all centered around award-winning excellence. Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s in Florida? In the middle of winter? I think I did. Hope to see you there!

Madeline Laurano, Vice President of Talent Acquisition Practice
and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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