HCMx Radio 111: Working Virtually

Guest: Tara Powers– CEO Powers Resource Center

Tara is an award-winning leadership expert, sought-after national speaker, experienced talent development consultant and crusader against boring, ineffective employee engagement initiatives and leadership training. She founded Powers Resource Center because she was tired of seeing leaders and teams flounder when they weren’t getting the support, training and resources they needed. As a Training Manager, she had been on the other end of training for long enough to know what worked and what didn’t in getting leaders on board. And her success over the past 20 years working with over 200 companies and thousands of leaders taught her she could achieve the results company execs want and still ensure the attendees had fun while doing so. Tara’s international experience includes working with marketing agencies, service organizations, startups, retail and financial organizations, call centers and more.

Tara has a master’s in organizational leadership, a coaching certificate from ATD and is a Certified Training Manager. She’s a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team-authorized Facilitator and Everything DISC Solutions Provider.

Topics and questions include:

  • Leading virtual – Pros and cons
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • How work is transformational for companies and leader
  • What makes virtual teams effective?
  • Why team agreements matter
  • Virtual leadership
  • The value of a book club
  • Planning and budgeting for meetings
  • And more!

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