HCMx Radio: Examining Corporate Readiness in Talent Management

BHG-HCMx-Radio-Logo-150When HR leaders create talent management strategies for their organizations, it’s a mixture of science and art. It’s science from the standpoint that there are many ways to look at data you have, slice and dice it, and come up with ways to measure what future organizational success might look like. When you think of all the variables that can come into play that will impact the data and measurements, it is an art in the way that you try to manipulate the variables for positive outcomes. One of those variables is the readiness of both the organization and individual business leaders to manage the talent within the organization.

With that in mind, I invited Laci Loew, the VP and Principal Analyst in Talent Management at Brandon Hall Group, to talk on HCMx Radio about organizations that may have urgent talent management needs but are not ready to address them. There are many additional forces impacting the way leaders manage their employees, and in Episode 2: Sharp Contrast Between Urgency and Readiness in Talent Management, Laci will talk about how that affects organizational results. She’ll also share insights on how HR leaders can prepare business leaders to be ready to face the urgency many employees have with regard to their development and progress.

As always with HCMx Radio, we’ll be sharing some of our most current research on the topic. In addition, Laci shares information on how to get a free copy of her most recent KnowledgeGraphic on Talent Management. I hope you’ll join us and I welcome feedback on each episode, as well as what you’d like to hear about in future episodes.

Trish McFarlane, VP and Principal Analyst,
Human Resource Practice, Brandon Hall Group

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