HCMx Radio: How to Take Recognition to the Next Level

Rewards and recognition programs continue to surface to help improve employee engagement and retention.  However, there is still much controversy around the best approach when collecting employee feedback, what tools to use, and how to ensure that organizations are rewarding the right behaviors. Our latest research on HCM Trends 2016 shows that almost 80% of companies reported spending some level of attention to this area.

hcmx logoThat study also showed that organizations are attaching great importance to reporting and analytics. HR analytics, in particular, has become a hot topic for many organizations, but implementing an analytics program can be challenging. With any talent program such as rewards and recognition for it to be successful and effective you must clearly define your critical business and talent objectives and then measure to determine the impact.

In our recent episode of HCMx Radio, we explore the effective use of employee recognition programs and the critical steps in designing and implementing an analytics program. Our expert panel  — Phil Stewart, CEO, Engage2Excel; Dr. Jack Wiley, Engage2Excel; and Brian Kelly, President & CEO, Vestrics – addresses the following questions and more:

  • Is the annual engagement survey a thing of the past?
  • Performance-based recognition has been a trend to ensure that organizations are rewarding the right behaviors. Should organizations still consider service-based recognition? If so, what should organizations consider when implementing a recognition solution?

You can download the show anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

Recorded January 6, 2016

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