How Can Sales Leaders Develop More Top Talent?

In the wake of budget cuts and reduced hiring, sales leaders are shifting their focus to retaining top talent and doing more with less in 2023. But the odds are stacked against them: Brandon Hall Group research shows that less than 25% of organizations are optimistic about retaining the best people and effectively managing change.

That’s why we are partnering with sales enablement platform Allego on a Feb. 14 webinar focusing on how sales leaders can develop the talent they have. It starts by helping sales leaders develop critical skills such as team leadership, coaching and mentoring employees, and emotional intelligence. Our research shows 92% of organizations believe it is critical to upskill leaders so they can successfully manage sales professionals in the emerging work environment.

Another important strategy is delivering learning that has the most impact on sales reps. David Ashe, Director of Sales Development at Allego, will discuss learning strategies that help sales reps consistently hit quota, including:

  • In-field observations of other sales reps
  • On-the-job informal learning
  • Peer collaboration

Ashe will also discuss the value of bite-sized videos, simulators, and automated insights that quickly identify topics sales leaders need to coach reps based on call recordings without having to listen to hundreds of calls a day. You’ll also hear about the importance of apprenticeship and mentorship, including how to match reps with the best mentors to meet their needs.

You’ll leave this webinar with:

  • Effective strategies to retain top sellers
  • Tips for streamlining your process to deliver training and coaching
  • How to teach your sellers to self-assess their skills and performance
  • The keys to embracing your role as a talent developer

We look forward to your presence at this webinar. If the time (1 pm ET) does not work for you, still register because we will send you the recording and slides shortly after the event is over!

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